Vanity Box Interview – 9/08/2017 – Rescue Rooms Album Launch Party.

Vanity Box

So we all know the lives of an upcoming band can be rather busy. Well we were lucky enough for Chris (the keyboardist) and Jack (bassist) to give us some of their time. Talking to them about what makes them Vanity Box, their sound, their goals and their great new album.

Your band name Vanity box is a very captivating sounding name, I’m very intrigued to the meaning behind your name and how it come about?

Chris: My interpretation of it is that if you picture the concept of a Vanity Box, then it’s a load of makeup that are different colours that are mixed together to paint the face that we paint on the modern music industry of today.

So yeah, I guess the combination of us individual members, is that well I am the keyboard player, I work with classical influences, I even took piano lessons as a kid. Jack I would say you’re more influenced by rock

Jack: Yeah definitely

Chris: And Darren, he’s more rock and metal, Tom and Paul have firm indie roots, so all of these are different colour pallets of Vanity Box and when you put it all together it creates what we are as an entity.

So tonight’s the very exciting launch party of your new album. Tell me, what exactly is the story behind the albums content, what emotions or events fueled the songs and their lyrics?

Chris: Urm well I can’t really talk too much on lyrics but musically speaking Tom and I co-wrote some and some of them are Tom’s old songs, and some are some we have brought together as a band, like all we needed was a good jam session and it all came together.

Also tonight you are being supported by local bands, how did you come across these artists and what is it about the two bands that made you want them to support you?

Chris: Well Jake’s (Front man of Jaque Sevioir) a good solid artist, he does a lot of covers and he’s starting to bring in a few of his own songs to the front as well which I think is really cool so he’s sort of building up strength by covering the greats, and now he’s adding his own vibe to it which I think is really cool.

We support artists developing their own lyrics especially on the musical scene, so ‘big up’ to Jake there, well done for stepping it up. And the other guys (Falling off Maps) they’ve had a great run in America and they’ve sort of come back round now and formed Headway which is a new sort of outfit and they’ve really impressed us with the new lineup.

And similar to ourselves, Vanity Box 2016/17 is a new lineup so again there’s a similar story between the two bands, so we thought they’d be a good example to bring on with us.

The album consists of classic indie rock and the use of synths to create your unique sound, but is there any other genre of music you’d like to perform or write? Or even just experiment with?

Chris: Well actually I’m quite into my strings you know, and tonight we have some special guests playing strings live tonight which is a bit of surprise for the fans, which they aren’t going to see coming. We are going to bring them on later but again that is sort of my classical roots.  I love writing orchestral pieces, so to be able to marry that into an indie rock outfit is absolutely brilliant, also Tom is a great great pleasure to work with! So many ideas it’s unbelievable! So his back catalogue is going to be a great exciting thing to go through.

In terms of writing future songs who knows where it will go, its urm… you know more of the same good banging indie tunes I suspect haha!

Do you guys have a favourite song to perform?

Chris: OOoo whats yours jack

Jack: Urrm….’I Wouldn’t Know’.

Chris: ‘I Wouldn’t Know’? Yeaahh that’s a great banger! Good bass on that!

Jack: Great bass on it!

Chris: Cracking bass riffs!!!

Chris:  Hmm well favourite to perform? Ooo I like ‘The Right Time’, good story behind that, that was urm… before I really knew the band, it was the first song they’d given me to work on and I added the string part to it, and that’s sort of when we all came together and saw the vision of new sound which is what you hear on new album. It’s normally our opener, it’s got a real good feel to it gets us all going as a band as well, we all warm up together with that track, Just canes it, banging song, really well written, one of Toms’ that. They’re all great to perform, all have their own little bits. I mean you’ll hear them on the album, there’s so many little intricacies and just good all round riffs, they’re all great to perform.

Obviously every band member is an important aspect in the bands working, how exactly does the band work offstage and get things done? (In the way of writing songs and such?)

Chris: Urm…Tom always normally writes the songs, I only maybe contribute a few words, urm… actually sometimes I might have been working on a demo or something at home in my studio and I’ll bring it in to show the band and we shall all start putting our own influences into it. Then Tom is the same, like he’ll bring in an idea, and we shall just put it in the Vanity Box machine and see what come out haha!

And lastly, since 2009 you’ve accomplished a lot –

Chris: – Oh my goodness yes it’s been a million miles per hour!

Jack: Definitely.

– Well you’ve had some awesome singles, EPs, gigs up and down the Uk and now this great album –

Chris: – Thanks!

– What are your goals for the future?

Chris: Well right now Rescue Rooms, it is quite a big deal, because I’ve seen a lot of my favourite bands perform here. Some are real big artists, it’s sort of a venue that all greats have played and I guess on the ladder of venues in Nottingam, which is our local area, which if you see the size and reputation of the venue then it’s probably the 3rd best venue. Second for that is Rock City, which I’m not too keen on the layout or acoustics, but ya know it’s a bigger size so it’s got that going for it.

Then the only way you can get bigger than that is the arena. So to be on that ladder at this stage is huge for us, so I guess we are just looking to take new steps, next album, keep growing the way it is.

I mean the response from the fans and people that have got behind us, got interested and started following us is unbelievable. So big shout out to everyone who started following  and supporting! Without you guys we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing, and Rescue Rooms is a massive testament to us, the crowd is looking just amazing.

Well wow guys, thank you for taking the time for this. I honestly hope it goes well tonight and good luck!

Chris: Yes thanks guys! Thank you!

Well there we have it. From the source. Will Vanity Box reach their big arena dreams? Well for now we can sit back and relax the music and all the new Vanity Box music yet to come!

By Lissy C

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