Huxtable – Change Shape Future


Having formed in early 2014, Huxtable have already been touring across Scotland, leaving a trail of stunned gig revellers behind them wanting more. Their live performance and stage presence also brought them supporting slots for; Biffy Clyro, Slaves, Fatherson and Zane Lowe to mention a few.

Since 2014 Huxtable have released a Mini Album, and an EP entitled ‘It’s A Trap’. In 2016 the band returned to the grind of touring and performing across the country, and also released single ‘Favourite Thing’ which received airplay on The Vic Galloway Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

But now, the next chapter of Huxtable has arrived; they will be unleashing their new EP ‘Change Shape Future’ on the 29th of September, with the first single from the EP ‘Don’t Do Anything Fancy’ out now.

“Don’t Do Anything Fancy” kicks off the new EP with some pretty impressive production, a guest appearance by what sounds like a Yazoo, bags of attitude and a romping guitar riff that runs off with your ears.  Maybe it’s not fancy, but it’s bloody good.  “Super Toxic” carries on with superb catchy hooks and riffs bringing to the party an almost White Stripes sound bouncing around with punk attitude gozzing on everybody.  You realise at this point that where “It’s A Trap” was a great debut EP, “Change Shape Future” just took Huxtable to a new high.

“You Got It To Go” has a solid rock guitar riff kicking out that’s tremendously infectious, and just when you don’t think it could get any better, “Break It Hard” picks up the pace.  “Act Of War” then came as something of a surprise.  With the title of the track, and following on from “Break It Hard” I was expecting something pretty aggressive and violent.  Instead it’s a bit more of a bounce along call to arms.


Want to know more about ‘Change Shape Future’? Huxtable comment:

“’Change Shape Future’ is all about embracing change and how if you want something different out of life you need to make changes. It’s a pretty basic idea really, but one I think we need to be reminded of. Constantly adapt to where you want to be in the future- make the change that will shape your future.

We’ve been writing for about 18 months, the original plan was to do an album- but we decided that an EP would be the best way to go- It’s quite a nerve racking thing having been in a little bubble for so long and now we are thinking- “this is the most confident record we have made, let’s see if people agree!” It’s an excited nervousness.”

Well, the production is top draw, the tracks are certainly worth the wait, well crafted, brilliantly performed, Huxtable have just raised the bar.

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