Star Trek: Discovery – A New Hope


Stargate, Voyager, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise have all been immensely entertaining, with the latter sadly cut short when it showed immense promise.  Now we have Star Trek: Discovery and sci-fi fans are excited once more to follow the adventures of a crew / team that they’ve grown to like.  I’m cautiously optimistic, but hope that the writers don’t do the same old scripts over and over like some of them have done in the past.

If they do, we can probably predict some episodes for Star Trek: Discovery

The challenges of language barriers

It’s fair to say that language barriers are fairly common, and if the human race were to ever strike out and journey into space, it would be a certainty.  Star Trek: The Next Generation featured “Darmok”, a language that cited examples such as “Shaka, when the walls fell”.  Years later, Stargate featured “Chaka”, an Unas, with a very limited vocabulary.  The similarities are there, but in this case it’s feasible.

The virus / infection that changes the crew into some other creature

In this case, Stargate featured Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill turning into caveman type characters in “The Broca Divide”.  Then, Star Trek Enterprise airs “Extinction” with crew mutations. Will we see this plot revisited again for “Discovery”?

We lost all the money so we thought we’d use old footage

What!?  It happened in “The Next Generation”, it happened in Stargate, usually in the guise of one of our favourite characters being accused of a crime, and then footage from previous episodes are shown in “evidence”.    “Encounter at Farpoint” sees Picard and his crew on trial with the enigmatic Q being the Judge, whilst in Stargate Atlantis we see Sheppard stand trial in “Inquisition”. The problem with these particular types of episodes is that they seem so half assed, typically appearing in later seasons.

The body swap

Stargate Universe used this in quite an intriguing way, but Stargate SG1 and Star Trek opted for something more of a body swap that would all be sorted out in one episode.  It is of course hilarious to watch actors imitate their colleagues, but it’s one trope we could do without now.  Will it make an appearance in Discovery?  Hope not, kind of done with this one.

I don’t wanna play a good guy anymore

I think I’ve seen this in nearly every sci-fi series going, but it involves an alternate dimension where the good guys are actually the bad guys, and one of our good guys find themselves amongst it.  Again it just seems like actors stretching their acting roles to try something different, but personally, don’t need to see an episode like this again ta.

Time Loops

Don’t, just don’t.

Please don’t let any of these turn up in Discovery, because if they do, I’ll just suspect that it’s the same team of writers working on every show and they’re just copying and pasting scripts, changing names here and there to reflect the series they’re working on at the time, with the directors just signing off on another episode to fill the contracted season run.



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