You Win Again Gravity – Interview


Winners of “Most Girth 2016 – GQ Magazine”…..well it says it on their Facebook so it has to be true J You Win Again Gravity (YWAG) are a band who haven’t put a foot wrong musically. Every release raises the bar and if you like music that’s been crafted with some serious thought YWAG are a band for you.  Their latest release “Anonymity” is bloody brilliant, and we were fortunate enough to have YWAG take some time out to answer our questions.

Some have likened your sound to the Deftones and Fall Of Troy which I see, but I was thinking more like Incubus as there’s a real technicality to your music, Are you self taught musicians or have you had formal training?

Hey! Well straight off the bat, we love all three bands so gladly take any of those comparisons as a big compliment! 🙂

We’re all self taught musicians. Some of us play multiple instruments, which I think has developed over the years just through our love for music and the technical nature of a lot of the bands we listen to. Jack studied music tech at University though, so it’s incredibly useful to have someone in the band who has the capability to record and produce decent demos of our songs.

With your songs being so well crafted, do you often try a variety of different ideas out of curiosity before settling on the final version?

Definitely. Especially with our style of music, songs normally end up going through multiple drafts before we settle on the final arrangement. Sometimes, if you spend too much time trying to force a section in and it’s not quite working, it’s a sign it will probably work better in another song. So yeah, it normally takes us a fair while to write a song.

“Anonymity” is a terrific album, where did you get your inspiration from for the tracks, and how many tracks at the start before whittling it down to the final 8?

Thanks! Inspiration comes from all over the place. Sometimes after composing some chord progressions or a lead line you can instantly get a feel for the kind of mood that that section should be about, but just as often it can be an everyday event that just sticks in your head. Recent themes are to do with darker human emotions and traits, but there’s so much of that that’s evident in today’s social and political affairs that it’s hard to avoid thinking about it sometimes. We tried to make all 8 songs pretty individual. There are no other fully formed songs, just bits and pieces that didn’t really come together.

“Anonymity” is due out on the 2nd of October, how are you coping with the nervousness and excitement?

It’s a collection of our best work to date and showcases who we are as a band. As we mentioned, it can sometimes take a decent chunk of time for an idea to be developed into a fully formed song, so these 8 tracks are showcasing work that spans the best part of a year (or 2!). We’re all very excited to just get the music out there and really looking forward to reading some reviews… luckily we all have busy full time jobs to keep us distracted!

Are there any personal favourites on “Anonymity”, and if so could you tell us a little about them and why they’re a favourite?

A tricky question, as we all have different favourite tracks/sections on the album. I think that says a lot about our different influences and how different tastes and backgrounds contribute to the balance of our sound. At a push, I’d say we all share a particular passion for the last track on the album (also titled Anonymity), it’s one of those songs that takes you on a bit of a journey, and also weighs in at a hefty 7-8 minutes.

When ‘Grace & Focus’ was premiered by Alex Baker on his Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show, how did that feel to hear that on there?

Outside of our own closed circle, it’s the first bit of feedback we’ve had on one of the new tracks, so we were blown away with the kind comments we received. Alex has now played us several times and we are so grateful for all the nice things he’s had to say about us.

You worked with Dead Crown Design for the cover art, how did that come about and what brief did you give him to come up with that design?

This is our second time working with Alex @ Dead Crown, as he also put together the artwork for ‘What’s Left of the Distance’. Anonymity is actually an expansion of WLOTD so naturally we wanted some thematic consistency; the tones of the music & lyrics match up and we wanted the artwork to as well. We love Dead Crown’s art style and were first drawn to his work after seeing the various artwork he made for ‘Plini’. Fortunately, he knew exactly what we wanted to do with the artwork for Anonymity, and developed the idea with a minimal brief on our end.

I saw the video of the fidget spinner being used on the guitar, what’s next, a drill like Van Halen?

Nah, that’s been done: we like to think we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of children’s toy-related sonic exploration… Just wait till you hear our yo-yo drum solo.

Have you got a tour planned to promote the new album?

We have indeed, although the details and dates haven’t been finalized yet! The idea will be to play as many shows as possible and hopefully in the process we’ll get to make some new fans and see some nice places we’ve yet to visit.

A huge thank you to the band for their time, and looking forward to the yo-yo drum solo 🙂

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