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I first discovered Anewrage on Youtube courtesy of their track, “Ape’s Legacy”. I’ve always had a love of bands who dared to try something new, HEDPE, POD, Senser and there was something about “Ape’s Legacy” which made me remember just how great those bands were.  The next track I discovered of theirs was Nina, and that utterly through my expectations and assumptions out of the window.  It also made Anewrage a band that was an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Since the Italian Alt Metal had made such a great impression I was keen to find out more and reached out to the band for an interview, to which they very kindly agreed!

I first discovered your music on Youtube (Ape’s Legacy) and thought it was brilliant.  How hard is it for bands now to be discovered like that? Has the Internet made it more difficult?

Thank you very much! It’s pretty hard today. It is necessary for any band to have a good videoclip online but at the same time anyone can put something on Youtube. It’s a big ocean and we all are little drops! We know it’s a hard time for bands to get noticed but we do our best!

Your sound seems to have some quite different influences, alt metal, funk, and post grunge amongst others, how do you draw all of those together? 

 We all listen to different styles of music but we have pretty much the same background when we talk about metal and rock. We share our musical discoveries and most of the time we dig the same stuff (sometimes we laugh at each other!). We are moving in different directions as individual tastes but when we bring our personalities together we often complement each other. There’s never been a precise formula to stick with but we always try different approaches to songwriting.

There’s some top notch musicianship in evidence in your playing, are you self taught or have you had formal training?

We’re self taught for the most part and we all started playing our instruments when we were around 14/15 years old. Our drummer is the one who took lessons for a good three years and then stopped. We just tried our best to improve our playing day by day and we still study by ourselves!
Our instruments are just tools to express what we want to say and we don’t look up to musicians who don’t mean any note they’re playing!

Absolutely love your song Nina and have had it on repeat a lot!  How did that song come about?

Oh thank you so much! We’re so glad to hear it! After we released our first record in 2014 and toured around our country, we felt that the time was right to move a step forward to something new keeping a foot in the record. We decided to reissue the record with a brand new single that happened to be “Nina”. At the time we were laying down a lot of different ideas for the second album and that song felt like something really good as a bridge between the two albums. Instead of bringing in different ideas we decided to focus on that particular song with our producer and it became one of our favorite tunes!

You recently finished a tour of the UK, I’m gutted that I missed you guys, how did it go?  What were the highlights for you?

We had our first UK tour in June this year and it’s been pretty rad! We played in small clubs and had a taste of what we can expect from English fans! We met a lot of great people and some true fans. We signed our first guitar and that is something we won’t forget! We’ll definitely come back soon, maybe next year…maybe next June? Who knows!

And talking about touring in the UK, a friend of mine was recently playing in Holland in his band and he said there was a huge difference in the hospitality / support shown by venues over there compared to UK ones?  Wondered what your thoughts on that were?

We’ve never been to Holland so we can’t really tell a difference but we can tell the difference between Italy and UK. We felt home most of the time in UK and that’s something we can’t always say here in Italy. Of course we have amazing venues and met a lot of great people but there’s a huge difference between Italy and UK which is the culture: In England we could see that even if you’re pretty much unknown, people show up to hear what you have to say and most of the time appreciate it! There’s definitely much more interest in what’s new and fresh.

Anewrage 2

It seems not only that you enjoy your music, but you’re prepared to step beyond music and incorporate art such as “Rotten – The Red Project”. Do you think a lot of bands perhaps don’t think quite as much as you do about getting involved in art projects?

We like to experiment with things! We take our risks when it comes to the music along with the visual side. We take the overall picture of this band really seriously and we want to bring something special to our fans both musically and visually. As we don’t stick to ‘a specific genre’ we also don’t want to limit ourselves in our performance. We want to do acoustics and at the same time we want to yell at a camera being naked and covered in clay!

You formed the band and came up with the name because you were “young and pissed off”, but now it seems you still have that energy, is that down to knowing even more things that piss you off, or have things deteriorated in the world with the likes of Trump and Putin in power?

When we formed we were 16 and immature! The rage we brought up was the peculiar teen rage you can only deal with when you’re not a child anymore but not an adult yet. Now we still have that same energy but it evolved in something deeper. There’s something wrong with the world but we have to fix ourselves first instead of pointing fingers. We can build a better world reproaching ourselves and then forgiving ourselves first. We try to stay away from the pure political way of thinking; we prefer to search in what’s primal and human, not in the structure we built around the human matter as society.

What have you got planned next for Anewrage?

After the UK tour we stopped a bit just to set everything right for the next record! We’ll be touring for the next few months of 2017, promoting our latest album “Life-Related Symptoms” and at the same time we’ll get on throwing ideas for the next chapter. We’re recording a lot of demos and preproduction and so we’ll do for the next year or so!

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