Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 – An Insight Into The New Adventure

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 – An Insight Into The New Adventure….And Why Telltale Games Will Always Be My Favourite! *May Contain Some Spoilers*

HURRAY! The new season of Minecraft Story mode is here! I for one have long awaited this after the success of the first season. I almost screamed my head off with excitement when I received Telltale’s email alert of the new game release. By now we all know of the company Telltale right? Although they have made games previous to the Walking Dead Telltale Game Series franchise, this is the one I feel they are most known for. Others being Wolf Among Us and The Batman Series, two of which I played through religiously, noting down the date of the next released episode so I could download and play as soon as I could.

I highly recommend all of their games.

If you’re reading this I assume you will have played the first season, and if you haven’t well…get to it! It’s great! Season 2 gives you the option to carry on from your previous Season 1 save or create your own choice results and start from that. The reason I don’t want to go all in depth with the details of Episode 1&2 so far is due to the fact that people may still be adventuring though, and I wouldn’t want to ruin all of it for you girls and guys huh!

But the outline is that you continue to play Jesse, accompanied by old and new friends. A talented group of characters who grow in depth and personality along the way. They are ready to take on the world…again…and again, they sure do get more than they bargained for! Twists, turns and a whole adventure to be had a long the way. Just what we fans thirst for!

Yet Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 & 2 is slightly different to the other games Telltale has released. This franchise, is more ‘kid friendly’. Not breaching such adult content as other Telltale games such as sex, nudity and violence just to skim the surface. Though they have still presented it in a mature way, it does bring to light to the importance of some other non graphic topics like friendships, standing up to bullying, change, letting go of things and learning the right way to deal with certain situations. And for these reasons I am so happy to say that so far Season 2 of Minecraft Story Mode has kept these attributes in it’s episodes.

Some may argue that due to the more child friendly nature of this specific Telltale title the plot, story and characters are very predictable – mainly due to some of the outright visual clues given, unlike the other Telltale games (like Walking Dead for example). And okay, I agree this may be at times true in season 1 especially, but in a way it adds to the game, and to be honest I am definitely not a child or even a teenager and it still catches me off guard sometimes and I am totally like “I did not see that coming…noo!” …SO…

Another reason I still love Season 2 from Season 1 is that they’ve kept the same customisation when you create your character. With a choice of male or female and choice of race, appearance and clothing. Which I really think deserves recognition.
I personally love customisation within a game, it just makes me able to enjoy and dive into it a whole lot more. And as Telltale is all about the choices you make and how that affects the gameplay just takes it to a whole another level of personalisation. Season 2 also advanced their “Choose Your Appearance” section compared to Season 1.

Minecraft 1

Season 1’s ‘Choose Your Appearance’ (above)

Season 2’s ‘Choose Your Appearance’ (below) 

Minecraft 2

SO when Season 2 added the build feature, which in some ‘tasks’ allows you to build in the desired space whatever the ‘specifications’ asks you for it just a wonderful added feature.

For example *warning spoiler alert* in the first season Jesse (the main character you play) his/her pet pig Reuben sadly passes away trying to save your life, like a true piggy hero. And in season 2 the memorial shrine to Rueben in Beacon Town (the town which Jesse runs in season 2) gets destroyed. Jesse’s task after the kerfuffle has simmered down is to rebuild his memorial shrine, which with a selection of blocks you the player get to rebuild in your own choice of design. It’s one of many opportunities you get to do this, and although it is not a massive feature it just makes the game that much better. For in the first season I really wished I was able to design and build some things myself, but was sadly mistaken. But Telltale must have heeded the fan’s cries for they have added this feature. It just makes it all that much nicer knowing you’ve added your mark to the game.

Minecraft 3

‘Build mode’ when rebuilding Reuben’s Shrine.

Season 2 covers a lot of points about change. Change in place, change in the characters. Some of the beloved characters aren’t seen at all in episode 1 or 2 of season 2. Yet I feel they kept the best of the old characters in the new season, and after a while you bond to the new characters and forget all about the old ones anyway haha! Yet I feel at some point in the next 3 episodes they will make a comeback to help Jesse & co save the world. And then I’m sure Telltale will put something in there to make the player choose between the old and the new, questioning your loyalty.

Another thing I am still loving about Season 2 so far is that it still has it’s fun feel to it. Unlike The Walking Dead Franchise that breaks my heart from the choices I have to make and getting me on the edge of my seat because I’m so damn tense!

I am so happy that Season 2 still carries on it’s heartwarming and fun gameplay, even if at some points it still pulls on my heartstrings. And like most Telltale games, they have continued to keep in the funny, witty comments within the dialogue, that make me catch myself giggling!

The fact that you can empathise with the characters, increasingly so as it’s you choosing their paths and dialogue options, it makes you fall deeper into the web of story you are in fact weaving. The game also tells you by an icon in the top right hand corner of your screen that “your story is changing” after some options you pick, and it always leaves you to wonder what could of been.

I will also quickly add the production of the art concepts and designs are just great. The scenery and environment of these games are absolutely beautiful. To tell you the truth I have used PS4’s screen capture option many a times to capture the beautiful surroundings that Jesse and her friends find themselves in.

Obviously the story line is of course different and so is the baddie, who seems more of a mischief maker to begin with, but then at the end of Season 2 you realise this guy is on another level of crazy. Episode 2 definitely steps it up towards the end and with seeing the preview “coming soon” animation they have of episode 3 I am so excited to see how Jessie gets herself out of the place the ‘baddie’ has condemned her too.

Though, yes, you can tell I am a fan, I still do have my skepticisms about the new season, not particularily with the gameplay itself but with the buying and downloading. This game is fantastic, don’t get me wrong. And I have never had this problem with any other Telltale game other than Minecraft Story Mode Season 1. I know a lot of players, especially on the PS4 platform encountered the problem that if you bought the DVD disc of MCSM Season 1: Episodes 1-5, once they released episodes 6-8 (which I was so excited about because the adventure would continue and I did totally not expect 3 more seasons to come out of the blue) the PSN store download of 6-8 and the game disc would not communicate properly, creating many problems downloading. Causing a lot of people to lose money when it wouldn’t show up on the episode screen or even download to the console in the first place. This was an issue worldwide I should add. BUT they were very good with this, and as they were aware that so many people had this problem it was fixed in around 2-3 days and the issue was soon ironed out. Recognition to them that their email help support responses were very quick too.

BUT this time I opted to buy straight from the store and I suspect as Telltale and Playstation know what happened the first time, if they do release new episodes after 5 then they will prevent history repeating itself. I myself have faith that what happened before will not happen again. But what is a game without a few issues or glitches huh?

With Jesse and her new and old band of friends, having each others back, solving problems, saving citizens, facing whatever challenge is around the corner and taking on the world and the bad guys…and the more difficult testing character personas in every episode, allowing Minecraft lovers and newbies to experience the breathtaking views and excellent personal gameplay. The Telltale Game Series are definitely succeeding with continuing to unite both the Minecraft and Telltale Franchises and proving the sceptics wrong.

Just like they accomplished in bringing the spin off to Borderlands: Tales from the Borderlands to a Telltale game series was also very clever (I highly recommend you go and download and play that one right now too…).

Though video games are created by technology and on a computer, they are meant to be played from the heart. Season 2 of Minecraft Story Mode has continued to allow you to sit down and feel like you are the character, to feel as if this is your story, your life and your decisions that are weaving the intricate story you are experiencing. And Telltale Games always have a way of succeeding to do that, especially in the new Season 2.

I did not want to include to many fundamental details of the 2 new episodes due to the fact I would love you to experience that for yourself, what I hope I have done is create an insightful look into the new season and to make you know that Telltale is still making their games rock! I am much awaiting episodes 3-5 and I know they’ll continue to get better as the episodes go on. Though I am very impatient in this wait for I feel like MY story isn’t over even though the game is. Season 2 has continued to be a very endearing, funny and wonderfully entertaining game. And I hope after you have finished reading this you will go download it and binge play it and even their other many game series just like I have!

By Lissy C


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