Facts About Lara Croft/Tomb Raider You’ll Be Glad You Know

We all know that Lara Croft is the butt kicking, badass, weapon-wielding Queen of the Tomb Raider Franchise, film and video games. The mighty character who wins the day and will always win our hearts. But of course, there are always secrets to be unearthed.

Here are some facts that you may not know about Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider Franchise

  • We all know Lara Croft to be a strong independent British woman. But, in early production, Lara Croft was originally meant to be a strong, independent Latina woman named Laura Cruz. And before they even created Laura Cruz, Mrs. Croft was actually sketched to originally be Mr. Croft. But this was changed due to the incredible likeness to Indiana Jones. The game’s developers soon decided they wanted a more British influence for the female lead for the Tomb Raider Franchise.
  • Due to her now being a British protagonist, Laura Cruz didn’t quite fit the bill, so the developer’s core designer actually found the closest name to Laura Cruz in the phonebook! And voila! Lara Croft was born.
  • Of course I am sure we have all guessed that Lara croft was supposed to be the female version of Indiana Jones. And why not? He’s awesome, but Gard the games developer, was told his character should be more original. His other ideas before Lara Croft were for her to be a muscular woman or a Nazi-like militant, I mean…is that the kind of original they were looking for?! Let’s just say I’m glad they came to the conclusion of the Lara Croft we know and love today

    Lara Croft 2

  • We all know Lara Croft’s figure within video games is somewhat unrealistic. For example, her large breasts were actually just a programming error. They were accidently made 150% bigger and they obviously thought “Yeah we shall just stick with that ‘mistake’” and Lara’s school boy dream figure was created.
  • The famous Tomb Raider braid was actually axed in the first game due to graphical limitations. But appeared in the following instalments.
  • People have proposed to her dozens of times even though she isn’t real… Eidos team member Tricia Gray told The Times. ”She’s had dozens of marriage proposals and all these cheesy letters.” Eidos also started receiving gifts and flowers (Eidos is a British software technology developer and video game publisher. Now representing as Square Enix)

    Lara Croft 1

  • Tomb Raider has actually picked up 6 Guiness World Records!
    “Most Successful Video Game Heroine,”
    “Most Recognizable Female Character in a Video Game”
    “Most Detailed Video Game Character”

Tomb Raider set new records as

“Highest Grossing Computer Game Spin Off”,
“Most Successful Live-Action Transfer”
“Most Official Real Life Stand-Ins in a Video Game”.

  • Unlike in the 1990s, hundreds of people are needed to make the new Tomb Raider games, but then, they only needed 6…6!
  • Not only were there only 6 people estimated in production, the game only took 18 months to complete and the training level, Lara’s stately family home Croft Manor was built over one weekend with inspiration from the studios in Derby.
  • Core designs created her in Derby, honoured there. On the former Core Designs office and the archaeologist’s place of creation now resides a blue plaque, honouring her. Also 2010 Derby voted to rename an inner ring road as Lara Croft Way.
  • You may wonder where the actual influence of the Tomb Raider character came from, well Gard actually stated his influences were the 90s Euro-rapper Neneh Cherry and the comic book character Tank Girl. Wow. What a mix huh?
  • The 8 voices of Lara. Miss Croft has actually had 8 voices, these actresses
    are: (including film)

Shelley Blond
Judith Gibbins
Jonell Elliott
Keeley Hawes
Camilla Luddington
Abigail Stahlschmidt
Minnie Driver
Angelina Jolie
Camilla Luddington is the newest addition to the Tomb Raider franchise with her voicing and motion acting Lara in the newest two Tomb Raider games. The newest to be released on PS4 this year (2016).

  • Lara’s visited places are not all fictional – the places Lara has visited within the games aren’t all fictional places. She has in fact visited real-life places too, and of historical significance. Her visit to Peru takes her to Vilcabamba, which was considered the Incan Empire’s last stronghold after the late 16th-century Spanish invasion of the region and was re-discovered twice before its excavation began.
  • Producers get a slap on the hand.
    Although most would take it as a compliment, French Archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur took offence to the fact they named a character Jean-Yves in Tomb Raiders fourth instalment. This character was also a French archaeologist. He discovered the remains of the Pharos Lighthouse near Alexandria (one of the 7 wonders). He “objected to the use of a character of the same name and profession” and he received an apology from the game’s producers soon after making his statement.  But who wouldn’t want a character named after them in one of the greatest game series made? Well, each to their own I guess, but if it happened to me I sure wouldn’t complain!
  • No surprise that upon Tomb Raiders release it helped innovate the 3D platform genre and put women in leading protagonist roles. Many predicted that the game was destined to influence the future spawn of beautiful, adventuring, tough no-nonsense female protagonists.
  • In 2006, Toby Gard explained to The Guardian that Lara’s distinctive character brought unique value to the original game, too: “She was mysterious and had a danger about her [as opposed to] other female game characters that were basically sex objects.” You just can’t help falling in love with a headstrong, beautiful but still fragile, badass, butt kicking lead female game characters. Lara croft is something of a heroine for the female influence she has had upon the industry and in general.
  • Tomb Raider ended up being a major sales boost for Sony. Because of the attractive 3D rendering. Sony licensed the next two Tomb Raider games immediately. They went on to sell over 100 million consoles. (although Sony didn’t actually want the first version Core submitted to them, so Sega took it first) And Tomb Raider the game itself, topped the best selling game charts within hours of its release and held its title for months.
  • In the original game Lara is only made of 540 polygons. Yet in the reboot of tomb raider she is made of more than 50,000. Little bit more hmm.
  • In the 2013 and 2016 reboot Lara Croft is a bow wielding killing machine, ridding all the baddies she can. Yet in the original Tomb Raider, who needs humans? A mere total of 6 people die throughout the game. Bring on the tonnes of lions, gorillas and dinos. Bringing them outta extinction then bam right back to it again!
  • Soon after the release of the original Tomb Raider people were going Lara mad! Lara appeared on the covers of Newsweek, TIME, the Financial Times and The Face. She then soon appeared on a French postage stamp and released two songs only in France (but in English) called Lara Croft Come Alive (1998) and the obviously provocative single Getting Naked (1997).
  • And lastly to tie in with the previous point. Just to end on an obvious point. A like to make every game a bit more adult,  some grubby fans made PC mods that allowed pervs to see the British adventurer in her ‘full’ glory. Despite that everyone said back in 1998 that there wasn’t a cheat code that would cause her clothes to disappear.

By Lissy C


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