Devilfire -Dark Manoeuvres

Melodic Rock, Birmingham, what could wrong?  Well, on the evidence of Devilfire’s debut album “Dark Manoeuvres”, absolutely nothing.  Bordering on the unholy matrimony of Thunder and FM with Winger fronting it, melodic rock it seems, still has its place.  The 80’s saw a huge glut of rock bands being propelled by multiple PR engines irrespective of the bands actual talent.  Anything for the money it seemed.  Devilfire avoids that and captures everything that was good from that era, with heart on the sleeve lyrics that audiences can easily relate to and superb musicianship.

Usually when you get a new album, you’ll find two or three tracks that become instant personal favourites, but with “Dark Manoeuvres”, five instantly jumped out.  “She’s Like Fire” hit the mark possibly down the vocals reminding me of “Winger” in places.  But the truth is, its classic melodic rock at its finest, defining that woman who’s going to get you burnt in her firestorm.

“Waiting for a Rockstar” is something of a bittersweet song with great riffs but something of a dark message about the ambivalent and cold music industry whilst “Lay it on the Line” has a lovely melodic sound to it and is ridiculously catchy. This song very much encapsulates the ethos of the bands writing, with every song immensely personal and very much laying their personal lives out for all to bear witness to.

“Kill your Love” is just epic, deserving of being played at stadiums or included on a kick ass high octane film sound track and the final diamond is “(You Gotta) Revolution” which has that feel of an uprising on the march. In this current economic and political climate there’s plenty to be angry about, and “(You Gotta) Revolution” is an understandable calling.

“Dark Manoeuvres” is quite simply a superb debut!

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