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The latest Wonder Woman film has seen a strong female lead role thankfully, and some great cosplays as a result.  Melissa Pearce’s Wonder Woman epitomises that strength of character and looks terrific, and she’s Canadian, so that’s a win win right there 🙂

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hiya! My name is Melissa aka @MelissaPearceCosplay. I’m a Canadian cosplayer from Toronto. I went to college for Advertising and work as an Assistant Marketing Manager. I am a creative soul, I love crafting, drawing, painting, using Photoshop and of course cosplaying!

What or who inspired you to Cosplay?

My boyfriend Josh actually inspired me to cosplay. He took me to a Cosplay Convention for the first time and I was blown away. It felt like I had just left reality and was welcomed to a new world! All my favourite things wrapped up into one perfect hobby? I was hooked ever since.


Are there specific types of character that you particularly gravitate towards and why?

I usually tend to cosplay characters from my favourite video games, movies and anime’s. The fun part about cosplaying is you get to choose what characters you have a connection to. I like to cosplay strong female characters.

What for you have been the most challenging characters that you’ve cosplayed as, and which have been the most enjoyable?

My most recent cosplay, Wonder Woman has been the most challenging for me. It was my first time using worbla, so it was a learning process. After I figured it out, I really loved the outcome. I will definitely be using worbla again in future cosplay’s.

My most enjoyable cosplay would be D.VA from Overwatch! Her outfit is so comfortable and I love getting into her character. Deep down I’m just a gremlin who enjoys playing video games too.

Could you take us through a little on how you made your outfits?

First I decide on the character and look up as many reference pictures as I can find. Then I look up tutorials to get an idea of how to make it and what products I will need. Next I purchase whatever supplies and get started!

Remember, you learn as you go so don’t get frustrated. Try new things and keep practicing. Different cosplay’s will require different skills and techniques.

My Eva Foam Sword Tutorial on YouTube

Which Conventions have been the most enjoyable for you to attend and why?

My favourite cosplay convention is Anime North, in Toronto. It was my first convention and I really love the atmosphere, there’s always so much going on!I also enjoyed Otakuthon, in Montreal. I met some great friends there as well as I was featured in a newspaper article!

Have there been any memorable reactions to your costumes, and if so, what were they?

I worked really hard on my Wonder Woman cosplay, when I wore it to ConBravo this summer I ended up being featured on the front page of the Hamilton Spectator newspaper!

When I wore my D.VA cosplay to Otakuthon someone ran up to me and gave me a cute D.VA magnet, it was super sweet.

A question about photographers. Obviously cosplayers are a dream come true for photographers, great outfits and poses, does it ever get a bit tiring having to pose endlessly for them, and how do you prefer to be approached by a photographer?

I love to be in front of the camera! So I never mind when people at conventions take my photo. It is best for photographers to politely ask for a picture to give cosplayers a chance to pose and be ready for the shot.

For more professional photo shoots I work with photographers and videographers outside of conventions. I have been extremely blessed to have worked with a lot of really talented people! My boyfriend is a videographer/photographer so he has helped me a lot.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Shot by my boyfriend (@LimitlessVisualProductions) on YouTube

What impact has cosplaying had on your life?

Cosplay has changed my life for the better; it is literally like arts and crafts for adults! It’s a perfect outlet for my creativity .It has taught me to be confident and what matters most is how you see yourself. Let loose and have fun!

Do you have any advice for anybody thinking of cosplaying?

Decide on the cosplay you are most interested in and commit to it! Then wear it with pride, be fearless. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and watch a lot of YouTube tutorials. Knowledge comes with experience so keep practicing!

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