Our Mirage – Interview

Our Mirage are a hard hitting Melodic Hardcore band from Germany, with equally hard hitting songs tackling very difficult subjects.  Bullying is an issue that has affected a huge number of people, the result of which impacts on self confidence, academic achievement or worse, with young people taking their own life jus t like, Hannah Smith, Jadin Bell, Tyler Clementi, William Arthur Gibbs, Ryan Patrick Halligan, Jamie Hubley, Megan Meier, Alyssa Morgan, Emilie Olsen, Rehtaeh Parsons, Audrie Pott, Phoebe Prince, Nicola Ann Raphael……… the list is seemingly endless and it’s just unacceptable.  Timo and Our Mirage are hitting this painful subject head on.  We speak to Timo to find out more.

Could you tell us a little about how “Our Mirage” formed?

Well I wrote Nightfall to release it under my solo project but when I released it I realized that a band would make much more sense since I left my old band Forever in Combat due to distance problems. So Our Mirage was born because I was searching for musicians from around the area where I live. At first I asked Daniel the drummer of my first metal band I was in in 2013 and then my best friend Manuel if he wanted to play bass. Our guitarist Jens was also studying audio engineering at the same university I was on and I knew him from there, so Our Mirage was born pretty unspectacular :D.

Your debut single has hit nearly a million views on YouTube, and I can’t think of many bands that’ve had debuts with that amount of success!  What do you put down to the success of “Nightfall“?

Actually we reached the one million mark now and it’s still going up like crazy!!

I think Nightfall reached out for a lot of people who suffer from depression and the lyrics are describing this pretty good I think. The fact that a lot of people can identify themselves in this song and all the emotions I put into the song made it work that well. The fact that I also work as a music producer and my knowledge about song writing could also be a part of it.

“Revivor” is incredibly hard hitting, and the amount of young people who have taken their own lives due to bullying is staggering.  Do you think bullying / cyber bullying isn’t taken seriously enough or the real impact truly understood?

I think that everyone knows about the bullying in schools but most people are not taking it as serious as they should take it. Me as a person who experienced exactly what I wrote about in the song can say that people just realized how depressed I was because of that suicide attempt. People should listen more to what kids say when they come home from school and act when kids get bullied.

Do you think we’ll ever find a solution to the problem of bullying / cyber bullying?

To be honest… kids can be the biggest assholes with no compassion.

So I don’t think that we will ever get rid of this problem, let’s just hope that parents will listen to their kids and maybe we can open their eyes with our music!

Have you had messages from fans that’ve realised that they aren’t alone, and that it isn’t their fault and they don’t deserve what they’re being subjected to, and how does that affect you?

YES!!! We got a lot of messages from people who can identify with Nightfall or Revivor. They feel the same or went through the same shit I went through. I found my way out of the depression and made a life changing choice for me. I am now the most positive person I know and I want to help people to get out of their depression because it’s only YOU who can change yourself, you are your own architect. It makes me happy when people say that they learned from what I try to tell them and this is exactly what I want to achieve. You are not alone on this planet even if the nights feel like they never seem to go.

Timo, as I understand it you also run Mega Blaster Recordings, how on earth do you find time, and has that given “Our Mirage” an extremely useful insight into producing their records?

Yes this is my main job; I work as an audio engineer/producer/songwriter. I studied audio production at the SAE Institute in Bochum, Germany. This knowledge and my 10 years of music experiences help a lot when it comes to writing a new song for Our Mirage. But it’s really not that easy to find time for Our Mirage since I am self employed and I run my own business. My Studio is still growing and I get bigger and bigger jobs every month. But making music is my passion and what I live for so no matter what I will always find time for my band.

And if that wasn’t enough you’ve also featured on “Sinister” by “Panic for Silence”, how did that come about?

Panic For Silence asked me to produce their first singe „Sinister“ and since we all were friends already I offered them to feature on this bomb of a track.

Are there plans for an album to be released soon by “Our Mirage”?

We are writing as hard as we can on new material but we are focusing on releasing singles every few months and put them all together to an album somewhere in the future but with all of the stuff that we already wrote it’s not going to take too long, just be patient.

And are there plans for a tour too?

I can’t say a lot about this now… But the answer is YES!

Stay awesome guys keep supporting local bands and listen to your friends & family. Help is always there so don’t lose your hope



Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OurMirageBand/
Website – http://www.megablaster.de/


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