Pretty Little Enemy – Interview

Pretty Little Enemy

Pretty Little Enemy released more details about their new EP, Second Load (release date 15th of September) recently which we were excited to hear about, so following on from that we wanted to find out more about the band 🙂

Many thanks for taking some time out to answer our questions!

Let’s do this!

First of all, could you tell us a bit about how you came about the name Pretty Little Enemy, and if you planned from the outset (not including Zoltar Speaks) what sort of sound you were aiming for or whether it just evolved over time?

Zoltar Speaks was a pretty silly name! I wanted to make sure that our next project had a good solid name, and wanted it to be homage to my one of heroes. It’s a nod to the song Deranged by Coheed and Cambria. Zoltar had a lot of thrash elements which we wanted to leave behind and start to produce something that really ticked all of our boxes with groovy, catchy hooks that we could shake our bootays to!

You always write songs that a lot of people can relate to and Vertebreak was an immensely personal song.  “Get a Grip” is certainly a phrase that many of us have uttered before, but what prompted this song for you?

Louise: Sometimes life can feel like it’s filled with more downs than ups and I really wanted to put a time when I was struggling quite a bit into this song. I’m self destructive and sometimes I just need to shake myself up and get a grip! I tell myself everything is okay, but when everything really is okay again I can see just how much of a mess I’ve made of things. You’ve just got to keep holding on in there because one day will be a little bit brighter!

 Your new EP Second Load is due for release in September, could you tell us a little bit about some of the tracks on it and are there any personal favourites?

Our favourite is Collide! We always call it our summer jam! It’s got super happy vibes and makes us want to lay in the sun!

Where did you record “Second Load” and who did you work with in that?

We recorded Second Load at Orchard Recording Studios with a chappy called Ben Turner.

Louise, when did you discover you could sing and are there any vocalists that you are inspired by?

My mum always pushed me from a young age, but I don’t think it was a case of me actually being able to sing – Typical mum thinking I’m amazing when I wasn’t. I like to say I’m more of a performer than a singer! I am massively inspired by Steve Perry (Journey) and Celine Dion!

Ben, your drumming is extremely precise, just wondering if you had formal training or if you are self taught?

Why thank you! I try my best not to overplay as to let the songs we write sing. But yes I had a couple years of lessons when I first started out to help with the basics and I also studied at BIMM for a year too. But I’d say as a whole I’ve mainly been learning by getting out there and gigging! Plus you get to interact with all the great drummers out there.

Georgia, it’s a gear question.  It looks like a PRS guitar, but I don’t think you ever stop zipping about so couldn’t see clearly, but what guitars do you use and what is it about them that drew you to them?

Haha zipping, I like it! It’s actually a Schecter Banshee-6 which I have had now for about 3 years. I am currently using that as my main and an Ibanez Rg 920 for my back-up. I’ve always been a committed Schecter player ever since picking my first guitar which was a Schecter Omen Diamond Series. It had felt comfortable in my hand, easy to play and it aided me nicely for the first few years of my learning/development, and when I had heard about the specs of the Banshee, it sounded perfect and this gal was ready for a new weapon! Both guitars have similar bodies (bolt-on necks and strat bodies) and that has always just been a personal preference of mine.

Jason, a number of bass players are also guitar players, and I’m wondering if you are too?  If not, what prompted the jump straight in with the bass, and if you are, again, what prompted the change?

I do try and dabble in a little guitar. I’ve always jumped from guitar to bass through previous bands, but my heart definitely lies in the low end. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ryan Martinie and Les Claypool. In between our previous band and PLE Ben was always nagging me to play bass. I finally relented and haven’t looked back!

It seems that Georgia, Jason and Louise are extremely “mobile” on stage, has that ever caused problems on a stage a bit tight for space?

YES! Sometime Louise will wear wigs on stage and one time Jason bashed into her causing the wig to get stuck in his bass! The wig was ripped off Louise’s head! It was our first gig with Georgia too! We’re never forgetting that one… Ohhh and one time Louise’s feet slipped between a gap in the stage and she totally stacked it and sprained her leg! Let’s just blame Louise for most of the problems that happen on stage.

Talking about gigs, what’s been the most challenging show to play?  And what have been the best memories so far from them?

Hmmm we don’t think there has been a specific show, but the most difficult ones for us are when people just aren’t friendly! We just bust in hugging people to death. Maybe not everyone likes Pretty Little Enemy hugs! SADFACE! So that would make the shows with the best memories the ones with the friendliest folk. One of our favourite gigs was with Hed PE, they were THE friendliest bunch ever!

You’ve got some shows coming up soon this year, but after those, and the release of Second Load, what are your plans for Pretty Little Enemy?

After the release we are going to keep doing what we love the most – Keep gigging, making friends and drinking loads of tequila!

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