Eclipses For Eyes – Interview


Alt rockers Eclipses For Eyes from Tempe, Arizona, formed in 2012, and quite frankly I’m ashamed that I haven’t heard of these guys until now.  The bands second release “Letters EP” gained them national spotlight as the 2014 Hot Topic Battle of the bands Winner with their singles “Sharks” and “Letters.”  As soon as I heard “Left of You” I was super chuffed that I had found an exceptionally good band amongst the plethora of “meh” bands on Youtube.  We spoke to Cameron to find out more about Eclipses For Eyes.

Your EP “Polaris” was released as a successful indiegogo campaign, how did you feel when it became a reality you had backing for “Polaris”, and what were your reactions when you heard the final production on the album?

During the indiegogo campaign for Polaris we were actually already tracking guitars and when the campaign was over we were ecstatic because we had enough money to track vocals with Dan Parker, who was an absolute privilege to work with.  We are so thankful for every single one of the backers and listening back to the final mixes didn’t feel real.

Who did you work with in the production of “Polaris”?

We worked with our producer, David Ludlow (DED) and tracked vocals with Dan Parker.

“Left of you” was incredibly personal and heartfelt, do you think that because a lot of people can relate to that that’s one of the reasons why you’ve gained such a terrific group of fans?

I think that’s exactly why we have the listeners that we do.  I’ve always written extremely personal songs and I’m pretty open about them.  I feel very thankful that I’ve been able to connect with people through music.

Because tracks like “Left of you” are so personal, does that make organisation of set lists for shows that bit easier or tougher to decide on?

It was harder when I was younger because honestly, I was a little less in control of my emotions and was afraid I was going to cry on stage but as time has passed, it isn’t an issue.  When I sing songs like ‘Left of you’ I feel connected to myself and my purpose as a song writer.  But since ‘Left of you’ was a single, it almost always goes last!

What for you has been the most memorable live show that you’ve done and why?

The show that comes to mind was actually our CD release for Polaris at the Rebel Lounge in April!  Everything just felt so organic and right.  I was surrounded by all my friends and everyone was so genuinely happy.  You could feel it as soon as you walked into the building and it continued for the rest of the evening.  Just a room full of positivity, love, and support.

And on live shows, I see you have Chevelle visiting the Marquee in Tempe, but what’s the music scene like locally?  I ask because I remember being told that “Bands that make it from here (Phoenix) make it elsewhere”.

Phoenix is jammed packed with talent.  Some people might see it as intimidating, competitive, or maybe even over saturated but honestly, I love it.  There are so many different kinds of talented people who live here and I see it as constant inspiration.  Being surrounded by creative people makes me want to work harder on my craft.  Also we are all very supportive of each other!  I’m always going to shows to support my friends and they are always doing the same!  It isn’t like that everywhere as far as I know and I don’t take it for granted.

Do you think you’ve changed a great deal as a band and as musicians since that first time you practiced together as a band?

Absolutely, a lot can happen in a few years.  We have all grown so much as people as well as musicians.  I would say our music has matured with us.

What have been the best lessons you’ve learned so far with “Eclipses For Eyes”?

I’m sure I’ve learned some life lessons but I feel like the most valuable thing I’ve gained from being in Eclipses For Eyes has been the life-long connections and friendships I’ve made along the way.  I’m truly grateful for everything I’ve experienced because of Eclipses For Eyes and I’m excited for the future!

“Polaris” has been released, shows have been played, the next step is another album or EP? If so have you started work on that already?

We have been working on songs but I guess you’ll have to follow us to keep up to date with details!

And final question, have you started emailing Dave Grohl asking if you can do the support slot for their next tour?

We haven’t but maybe we should!

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