Chris Clemence Calls Out Trent Reznor, Taylor Hawkins, and Bruce Springsteen


Chris Clemence Calls Out Trent Reznor, Taylor Hawkins, and Bruce Springsteen, “Don’t Bitch, Do Something!”

Chris Clemence, formerly of RapScallions and Screaming At Demons will be releasing his second single from the debut of his solo career, “Revolution” which features rock legend DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys on August 25th.

A portion of the proceeds of “Revolution” will benefit his charity The Clemence Foundation which funds initiatives in Education, Healthcare, and Equal Rights. The only way fans will be able to obtain the song is through Clemence’s campaign on Crowdpac, a political fundraising platform.

“It’s time somebody did something. Trump is just out of control. Every single day its another absurdity that is greatly affecting our nation and all of our lives. I see it in the news, I hear it on the street, I see angry and upset people on social media… other rockstars like Trent Reznor, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Hawkins are calling Trump out, but no one is actually taking a step to make anything better. You can bitch all you want but at the end of the day it does nothing. You know who’s going to make America great again? You! The public. We need to take action and work towards it, not just complain. I started this campaign to make a difference. I believe children are our future and we are in this current situation because of a lack of education. We need better education so children can think for themselves and make smarter decisions for a better America and a better future. We need equal rights more than ever. We need affordable and quality healthcare more than ever. We hold all the power but we need to step up and achieve what we need collectively and as a nation. Right now Trump is doing his best to divide us through racism, sexism, social classes, basically anyway he can. It’s the old divide and conquer tactic. And we are letting it work. No more. It’s time to take a stand and fight back. But violence is never the answer. Change is.” angrily stated Clemence.

“On August 25th I’m releasing a new song featuring DH called “Revolution”. You can only get it through my Crowdpac Platform. For donating to my charity which benefits Education, Equal Rights, and Heathcare you’ll be gifted the song. I also have official “Revolution” merch by Fathom Clothing for those who want to further support the cause.”, Clemence continued.


Official Revolution T Shirts can be purchased by donating to The Clemence Foundation on Crowdpac.

Fans can pre-order “Revolution” or Merchandise before its August 25th drop by clicking here:

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Website –
Instagram –


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