Stateside – Interview


There’s no shortage of music and bands to be found on the Internet as technology and social media has made music production far more accessible.  Finding good music and good bands amongst that maelstrom has remained as ever, a challenge.  When you find that diamond though, it’s a real sense of relief and discovery.  Stateside are that diamond you’ve been hunting around for.

Hearing “The Way We Were” had me hooked from the outset, confident, energetic, genuine, with a natural sound which begged the question, “Why the hell hadn’t I found these guys before”?  At some point I’m hoping they make it over to the UK for a tour, in the meantime though, I’d like to say thank you to the band for agreeing to an interview:

Could you tell us a little about how the band formed, and what the first practice session was like?

Some of us went to high school together and the idea came about that a few of us should have a jam after school and funnily enough that’s the day we wrote our first song. We instantly clicked. I think a few weeks later we put the word out we wanted a drummer to play with and that’s when a friend of ours handed us the phone and said “here’s your drummer” and we interviewed Hamish over the phone. He happened to be in the cinema for that phone call too.

Quite a few music critics are struggling to pigeonhole you because of the distinct sound that you have.  Was that the sound you envisaged having for the band from the outset or did that just evolve as the band grew together?

Our sound definitely evolved with us. As we’ve grown up together we’ve all broadened our musical horizons. Part of that would be how heavily we’ve influenced each other. Coming from different musical backgrounds means we all have something unique to bring together. So as we’ve grown, all of our influences have meshed together into what Stateside is now.

You’ve worked with Troy Brady, how much of an inspiration was he and what was it like to work with him?

Working with Troy Brady was an educational experience. We learned a lot about recording and song writing in that time. He really taught us how to bring all of our influences together in a much more concise manner. Everything he brought to this record was an improvement to what we had already achieved.


There have been comparisons of Stateside with the likes of Mallory Knox or Deaf Havana, does that add quite a bit of pressure or is that a terrific compliment?

Although none of us have personally heard comments like this but we all consider this a huge compliment, given these are two highly regarded bands in our ever growing alternative scene.

The reviews of “Naive” have been fantastic, and rightfully so, how does it feel to read those reviews?  (or do you avoid reading opinion pieces)

Thank you very much! The last few months have been a very rewarding experience for us, to see people enjoying something we worked really hard on for so long is just incredible. We couldn’t be happier with how our record has been received.

Could you tell us a little about the themes on “Naive” and what inspired some of your personal favourite tracks on it?

Naïve is a collection of personal experiences. Heartbreak and sadness was really the theme of my life during the making of and we believe that it really shows in the lyrics throughout the EP.

“The Way We Were” has had a phenomenal response with over 400,000 views, and although everybody dreams of their music being appreciated to that extent, has the reality sunk in just how popular that track has proven to be?

We never imagined that “The Way We Were” would take off like it did. I don’t think that it has really sunken in for any of us yet, we’re incredibly humbled to have been shown this much love.

You’re in the middle of the “Come With Me” Tour, how’s that going and how has the audience reaction been?

The ‘Come With Me’ tour ended early due to Stepson being incredibly sick and unable to continue. We decided to take over the tour and headline the rest of it. Looking past all of the struggles this tour had, it was exciting to play some cities we’ve never been to before and make some new friends along the way.

Erin worked with CKing on Save Me, a Domestic Violence awareness project, could you tell us how that came about?

Erin and Cking have been friends for years and they are both very passionate about domestic violence awareness and thought that the Save Me project was one of the best ways to show their support for that.

What are the plans for the band for the coming year?

The rest of the year for us is shaping up to be a busy few months for us! We’re heading out on the road with Against The Current for some very fun shows and we couldn’t be more excited. After that however, we’ll be doing our best to keep up shows and continue to write our next release.

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