Natasha North – Interview

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Every once in a while you’re pointed in the direction of an absolute diamond. There’s so much music there, so much average, so much “meh”, so when I heard Natasha North’s beautiful voice it instantly grabbed my attention. As the video for her single “Fire” played, I was enthralled, captivated by it.

Absolutely fell in love with fire, what inspired that song and can you tell us about the process you went through in writing it?

Thank you! There wasn’t necessarily anything specific that inspired this song. It’s a metaphorical song, as it’s about being trapped in a burning building and that definitely has never happened to me! I wanted to write a song about that feeling when you’re stuck in something, whether it be a relationship or a stage of your life where it’s hard to get out. Fire is about accepting that something needs to change and trying to escape that feeling.

And with Fire I thought you sounded similar to the likes of Heather Nova and Sarah McLachlan, but then I wondered, do you find those sorts of comparisons positive, or are you not very keen on them?

I don’t find any comparisons negative, I think everyone will make comparisons depending on what they think of the music, and that isn’t a bad thing! I often get compared to other female singer/songwriters and I take those comparisons as a compliment definitely!

The video for Fire is beautiful, did you have much say in the concept for that? When you saw the final cut, what was your reaction?

We had such an awesome day shooting that video, so I’m really glad you like it! There wasn’t much of a concept, we just wanted to shoot something that was visually beautiful. The director Duncan had the idea about the bed, which I fell in love with when he told me. I also wanted it to have some flashbacks, but to be honest when we arrived at the location, it was so stunning, we could have filmed anything and it would have looked great!

As you become more successful, will you be able to hand over more “control” of things to others, or do you think you’ll be resistant to that?

I worked completely by myself for a very long time so when we started to get a bit more of a team going it was interesting for me to let go of some control. That being said, I now couldn’t do a lot of stuff without some amazing people helping me! I still feel very much in control of what I’m doing but it’s so great to have creative people adding stuff to the mix. As things get bigger I’d like to think that I’ll always be in control of decisions but I’m very very happy to let people I trust be in control too!

You set up your own label, Green Oak Records, how is that going?

I set up my own label back in 2012 when I wanted to release my own music. I thought it would be cool to be able to release stuff on my own label. I ended up releasing two EP’s on it, and I loved it. However my recent EP was released on LAB records and it’s been an awesome step up. Green Oak Records will always be the place where I released my first music, but I love working with LAB now and they’re incredible at helping me do exactly what I want to do.

You used to do your music solo, but now have a band with you. Has that altered how you go about writing music?

I still write most of my songs solo. I love playing with a band, because we can replicate the songs from the record much better when there are more people playing. The process works by me writing the song, and then taking it into the studio. Once we’ve recorded the song, we take it to the band and try and work out a good way to play it!

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You opened for the Liberty 2014 Human Rights Awards, how did you get involved with that?

It was incredible opening for the Liberty Human Rights Awards. I was lucky enough to be asked to open the show and it was such an honour. It’s a brilliant organisation and we met some amazing people!

We interviewed a lovely and talented chap by the name of Billy Lockett who had this weird habit of dunking cheese in tea (I don’t get it either!), do you have any odd habits?

Love that! Not sure about an odd habit but I’m a huge sleep-talker. I once had a phone app that recorded everything I said in my sleep and I sang a whole chorus of Skinny Love by Bon Iver one night, absolutely hilarious!

I saw somewhere you played football for Wycombe Wanderers? Am I right? Do you think we might eventually got to a place where women’s football gets the recognition that it deserves?

I did indeed! Football was a huge part of my life when I was younger, I loved it! Over the last couple of years I think the women’s game is starting to get much more recognition, which is amazing. When I first started I was the only girl on the whole field from U7’s to U18’s, now there are thousands of girls playing which I think is awesome. Over time I hope it’ll become much more a household sport for women!

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