Heroes of Order and Chaos – Review

Heroes of Order and Chaos

I’m a huge MOBA fan and my love for the game type came when I first got my iPhone 4S. As any teenager does, they look to see what games are available to download for free and HOC was the most interesting thing on there. I never played a MOBA before in my life but it was intriguing. Now, over two years later the game has become too advanced for my phone so it crashes every time I play, but it has grown and become, what I believe, better than what a mobile MOBA could ever be.

The game works like any ordinary MOBA; two teams aiming to destroy the enemy base with in game shops available and a multitude of heroes with various moves. There are three maps, one 3v3 and two 5v5, and a ranked system along with guilds. It really is like any MOBA you’ll find on PC and it is as good. Games usually last about 20 minutes to half an hour but can potentially go on for double that, they’re always the best ones. The hero system works similar to League of Legends, every week there are free heroes available but if you want the hero permanently you have to buy them with coins earned from playing games or runes gained from using your real money.

There is a multitude of ways to customise your heroes such as using the tablets and talent points which give your heroes small bonuses such as a protective shield if your health goes below a certain level. Custom games are also super fun when you start at max level with 10,000 coins. Items aren’t that expensive compared to the rate of gold earned in the game so it’s relatively easy to buy your heroes full loadout within a game compared to most MOBA’s. I see that as a bonus and there are consumable elixirs available which allows infinite bonuses, as long as you have enough gold.

In my experience of the game, and I’m probably at a really low level of the game, but it isn’t as team based as other games. Any hero can carry if they start well enough and the chat system isn’t easy to use so communication isn’t that great. But Twitch does show guilds facing off against each other in tournaments which are obviously a lot more team based.

The main issues with the game are probably connection problems which come and go after updates. If your phone is outdated, the game will probably close on its own often so I’ve had to convert my account to my tablet. The Android and IOS servers are different so annoyingly, I’ve had to start from scratch on android.

But in my opinion, if you have a decent phone and there aren’t any connection problems, this game can be addictive and extremely fun. The graphics are as good as LoL which is impressive for a phone game, and it runs smoother than LoL. There is a variety of heroes which keep the game diverse and the multitude of items in the shop can be combined in so many ways to make the hero you want. And it’s free to play which is always good. Ubisoft who made the game are constantly introducing new heroes and features to improve the game and make it even more enjoyable for its users. There is also significantly a lot less abuse compared to other MOBA’s due to the chat system which is great if you’re new to the game, it’s the perfect place if you want to get into MOBA’s but don’t know where to start.

Web Links:

Google Play Store – Heroes of Order and Chaos
iTunes – Heroes of Order and Chaos


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