Deadly Inscription release new single and video ‘Cemetery Wind’


Deadly Inscription are a 5 piece metal band from Paisley, Scotland, they were formed in 2006 by Ryan Peacock (Guitar) and Colin Campbell (Drums) with Stuart Carlin (Vocals) arriving soon after. With some minor line-up changes, Kerry McGinlay was introduced on Lead Guitar and a 4 piece Deadly Inscription embarked on their music career. The band recorded their first two EPs (Substance, 2011) and (Proving Ground, 2013) at the Hellfire Studios in Birmingham. The EP’s sent the band up and down the UK, including festival slots at Wildfire, Surface Unsigned, and Metal to the Masses. It wasn’t long before the band developed a powerful stage show and a loyal underground fan base.

Now the band have unleashed the sickness with brutal new NSFW video ‘Cemetery Wind’. Now the virus is out in the wild and it’s coming for you! With a ferocity matched only with the track itself, Deadly Inscription are intent on infecting you with their apocalyptic viral onslaught.

‘Cemetery Wind’ features an intro and guitar work that gives a nod to the legendary Gothenburg Sound mixed with a fresh British twist, combined with an all out assault on the senses courtesy of Stuart Carlin’s vocals and a truly ferocious rhythm section. It is a track that will give the world a taste of everything this hard hitting band has to offer.

Deadly Inscription have this to say about Cemetary Wind “To us as a band this track is the best piece of music we have ever written, which is why we’re putting so much behind it. We recorded ‘Cemetery Wind’ with some amazing producers across the UK (Grindstone Studio’s, Hellfire Studios & Ritual Studios), shot an amazing horror themed music video (Dark North Media) and played shows across the UK. To say wer’e proud of it would be an understatement…”

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