Infected Rain – Interview

Infected Rain band

Infected Rain recently released their video for Orphan Soul on Youtube, and it’s already proving to be a hit.  First formed in 2008 in Moldova, Infected Rain have an absolute vocal powerhouse in Lena who dominates the stage and sweeps up the audience with her energy and charisma.  We speak to Lena about some of the history of the band’s members and how their fans react to their live shows

Could you tell us what or who inspired you to become musicians and form “Infected Rain”?

All the members of the band where musicians long before IR. Some even played in other bands before. In autumn of 2007 the guitar player Vidick started to play for fun with his friend and musician Dj Kapa. Everything started for fun. I (Lena) joined them for some cover songs also for fun but, we really liked playing together and started writing our own songs and searching for more musicians for the band.

Are you self taught or did you receive musical tuition?

Mostly we are self taught, although I had lots of private vocal lessons.

Apologies for being ignorant but what’s the music scene like in Moldova? Is it a difficult environment to be successful in or is it extremely supportive?

It is a really difficult environment for any kind of artist. Moldova is a really small country with very little opportunities especially for the young generation. Despite that we have a lot of talented musicians and really interesting bands.

Mold has had around 800,000 views on Youtube, and 2,000,000 views for Me Against You, how does it feel to have your music resonate with so many fans? Does it feel real?

It feels absolutely amazing and flattering. We are so lucky to have our fans that love and support us.

You released “86” earlier this year, could you tell us a little about the themes on the album, and if you have any personal favourites on it?

We don’t really have a general theme for this album. Just like with the previous ones we touched different aspects of life and some global problems. Let’s take MOLD for example, we are trying to point out that life is too short for you to spend it in hate and nothingness. We also have love stories in MY HOME and INTOXICATING. ORPHAN SOUL is a song about family issues and how much our past marks us. The song PECULIAR KIND OF SANITY is a really deep song with a really global theme, self esteem and the endless war between our body and our mind. – It is not easy to pick a favourite, in fact that’s why we released a few music videos. We love them all.

You’ve said that you’ve wanted to tour everywhere, including the USA and the UK, will that happen soon?

Yes, absolutely! We are working on that.

And I see you’re playing at Orto Bar in Ljubljana which is a terrific venue (they have a drink there called “Diesel” which I highly recommend by the way), but what venues have you really enjoyed playing at and why?

We really like the people and the cities we visit a lot more than the venues, but we do have a really cool place we would absolutely love to come back. It is called A38 and it is a venue on a boat in Budapest. We really liked to play on the water.

Your songs are pretty no holds barred, how on earth do you maintain that energy and drive through your live shows!? Have there been any audience reactions at your shows that have caught you by surprise?

Both the band and the audience go crazy during our shows. We like to deliver our messages and have maximum contact with the people. – Everything the crowd does is always a surprise for us. Singing along and dancing with us is a big gift we receive from the people. But, of course we have some cool stories of people going on the stage and hugging us or breaking stuff

Lena, you were asked to autograph a car in Germany, and you said you liked cars. Could you tell me if money was no object, which three cars would you dream of having?

BMW i8, Ferrari 250 GT and I’ve always wanted a classic Mini.

 I also saw that Lena had a Yoda tattoo, what did you make of Star Wars Rogue One compared to The Force Awakens?

I really love Star Wars movies and I never compare them. I like to consider all the movies like a separate movie not like one complete saga.

I heard a rumour Vidick is a Manchester United fan, have I been lied to or is that for real?

All the boys in the band like soccer but, they don’t have a favourite team though.

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