City of the Weak – Interview

City of the Weak 1

Stef started building the solid foundations for City of the Weak five years ago, and with Brent and Cody, has turned the band into a firm fan favourite.  Unwilling to conform and staying true to themselves have seen them tour extensively and garnered an excellent reputation for their live shows.  If you head over to their Facebook page you’ll see they’re on the road now, but were brilliant in giving us a bit of their time to answer our questions.

Huge amount of dates set up for August with The Scar Heals in Time, how has the preparation gone for that and how did that tour come about?

We have a great team behind this upcoming tour, so I’m hoping all of our hard work pays off! Imran from the LX Agency got in contact with me and asked if we would take out “The Scars Heal in Time” and so we did. Pretty simple!

When writing your set list for your live shows, is it a difficult choice of choosing which tracks to play and the order, or are there personal favourites that you all agree on that just have to be the opener or the finale?

We all sit down and craft our set carefully so that it has a flow to it.

What has been the most memorable audience reaction during one of your shows?

We played Northern Invasion in 2016 and were premiering a brand new song. I screamed “JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!” and the entire sea of people just started jumping- it was nuts! I had never had a crowd move together like that, & it was super memorable!

What for you makes a song stand out when you’re writing a new track?

It’s all about the hook! The guys mess around with different riffs, and I listen to them over and over until a melody gets stuck in my head.

I saw an interview with you guys where you listed your influences and I was surprised about how just how diverse and eclectic your answers were, everything from EDM to 80’s Metal bands! Has the sound of “The City of the Weak” evolved from those influences or did you have a sound in mind when you started out and went for that?

Throughout the years we’ve gone through lots of different members until we became a 3 piece over a year ago. Obviously each person came in with their influence while they were here, which is why we have the unique style we have today.

“Censor This” was something of a middle figure towards those who tell bands how they should be. Just wondered how much pressure there is on young bands to look a certain way or appeal to a certain demographic? Do you think there have been a number of successful bands who have sold themselves out and as a result couldn’t hold it together for long?

It all depends on who you’re working with and what goals you have. We just listened to what other people had to say so much that we lost who we were. We decided to go back to the beginning and thought about why we do this. We found ourselves very quickly and decided to tell the world how we felt about their demands.

Your latest single “Ungrateful” has been very well received by your fans. What do you put its success own to?

It pays off to be honest! We decided to get very real with this one & talk about how we are all a little ungrateful in our lives.

I found a website that showed people how to play White Fire Alarm, a song that has had over 840,000 views on Youtube. How does that make you feel and do you have to pinch yourself when you hear things like this or see the views on your Youtube videos rocket?

It feels great to have your music get out there! When we wrote the song we never imagined it would have the reach that it has today.

City of the weak 2

You worked with Craig Owens from Chiodos, how did you react when you had the chance to work with him, and how much of an input did you have in the creative process for that?

Making music with him is pretty phenomenal- I love how focused he is on the art itself. Lots of producers just think about how your work will sell but Craig genuinely cares about the art & making sure we are happy with it.

I’m still reeling from David Bowie and Chris Cornell, and then Chester Bennington. It seems we’re losing the legends and inspirational figures and as yet not many bands have really managed to step into their shoes. Just wondered on what your thoughts were on that?

The music industry is much different today than it was when today’s stars were coming up. With major labels not having as much weight & money today as they used to, deals are smaller, less money is put behind bands, & labels can’t really afford to take giant risks like they used to. They don’t want to build bands, they want instant success. This isn’t realistic, because it takes years and years to build a band to star status even with lots of funding. Mid-level bands are much more predominant these days verses a few big bands.

And the inevitable question, an album. Are there plans to release one soon and if so could you tell us a bit about it?

We have a finished album, we are currently looking for the right distribution. We are hoping it can come out soon, but we want to make sure it comes out the right way and gets the distribution that it deserves.

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