Lila Rose – WE.ANIMALS, Album review

Lila Rose 1

Lila Rose is a California based singer/songwriter, she has a great love of music and interest in saving our planet. Rose has decided to combine the two and express how she feels through her music as she has also shown evidence of in not only ‘WE.ANIMALS’ but also in her previous album but in ‘Heart Machine’. Lila Rose gives her music the genre of indie, rock and electronica, she has recently featured in another artist’s EP, Raw-G.

Stars is the first song on the album, Lila Rose uses a gentle song and a delicate sprinkle of string instruments. The songs has a quick turn into a fantasy feel and gives off a vibe of another artist named Carter Burwell, who uses similar instruments as Lila.

Tracking is the second song on the album, WE.ANIMALS. This track is different to the others on the album as it has a rockier and sharper feel to it whereas the other songs are more indie or electronic. Lila’s voice when singing some notes can be very nasal and slightly brittle reminding me slightly of Amy Winehouse as well as Florence and the Machine in this song due to the catchier beat and guitar that has been added.

Lila Rose 2

In the song Confessions, Rose uses more gentle vocals and makes the instruments being used sound more dominant. Lila also adds a different instrument that you can clearly hear and isn’t used in any of her other songs. During this song, despite using her voice gently it still has the brittle effect. The beginning of this track is also very similar to the song Tracking but still manages to sound completely different.

This Could Be HA has in my opinion the most passion in the voice of Lila but also in the lyrics out of all the songs on this album. This song resembles the album Heart Machine as there are more electronic beats being used same as in the Heart Machine album but in this one, WE.ANIMALS Rose has moved away from the electronic beats to a more instrumental sound. In my opinion I think this song is my favourite along with the song Easy Love. The passion that you can hear in this song is probably why this song is one of my favourites on this album and one of my all-time favourite songs.

Lila Rose 3

We Animals is the last song on the album and also the album title. It is fairly quiet and there is an array of instruments playing perfectly in the background of Lila’s vocals. This song strikes a feeling of harrowing. It reminds me of a spiral of colours moving slowly round catching each moment and emotion felt. This is another passionate song and once again you can feel the passion with in the song. Some of the voices within this song are very similar to the voices from within a choir, very delicate and inspiring like Lila’s.

Overall I think this is a beautiful album with haunting lyrics in each song that are elegantly written. This album WE.ANIMALS shows Lila’s love of music and of the world placed together to form something so passionate. In my opinion this is without a doubt one of the best albums I have heard and I will definitely be listening to it again, it is an exceptional album from an exceptional artist. Lila Rose despite having similar qualities in her voice and in her music to other artists she still manages to have her own unique, interesting and special sound that is hers.

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