Mike Bliss – Interview


Window Seat is by far one of the greatest singles I have heard released recently, it has a feel from it from so many different genres, there’s rock, Indie and 90’s punk. To be able to get those sounds together in perfect sync shows some true talent from astounding musicians. Window Seat definitely deserves to be up there amongst some of the top artists of today! If you haven’t done so already then check out this track. Here’s an interview I conducted with the future rockstar.

How did you come about writing this track?

The idea of the track came to me when I was flying back from playing a show in Belfast. As I flew over the city I could see everyone going about their day and found myself making my own scenarios to other people’s day to day business. The track itself came together in the studio as we were tuning up and plugging in. My drummer Jack started playing a random beat and then Chris, my bassist put a bassline to it and as we were still waiting for Adam our lead guitarist to get himself ready I decided to jam along with my guitar. Before you knew it we were playing this catchy arrangement and then Adam decided to join in and that was that. The basics to the track were done and so I took it home and put the lyrics to it, we then took the track in to the studio with a close friend and producer Paul Humphreys, who I have used quite a few times. He seems to understand my ideas.

Who was involved with Window Seat?

Well there was involvement from my whole band. There was myself doing lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Chris Barr doing backing vocals and bass guitar, he is also in the artwork for the single which was done by Corey Alcock Photography. Adam Betteridge also did some backing vocals and played lead guitar. There was Jack Carver who played drums and it was all produced at Round Towers Music Studio by Paul Humphreys.

What does the track represent?

Window Seat doesn’t really represent anything as such. Just an outsider looking in and making his/her own perception on different scenarios. Although there may be a ‘SLIGHT’ hint of a personal truth hidden in there.

Where do you hope this track will get you in your career?

I don’t intend for this track to get us anywhere as there are a few things that could be better but it’s still all a learning curve as we are still trying to put together the perfect team to create the ideal sound. However, Wembley would be awesome.

Where would be your dream place to play Window Seat and which artist would you like to play alongside?

I’d love to play it live anywhere really just as long as people enjoy it and can relate to it in some way or other. If I could collaborate this specific track with anyone I would probably say someone like ‘Slaves’ or ‘Cribs,’ maybe even the ‘Courteeners,’ from their St Jude days, just because of the punch, sarcastic sound and slight punk feel.

If you could be any rockstar, who would you want to be and why?

Well if I could be any rockstar I would have to say Brandon Flowers, being in a ‘Killers’ tribute band it kind of makes sense, plus I like the fact he always seems to look happy and appreciative while performing. Close second would definitely be Dave Grohl, he is probably the coolest man to grace the Earth.

When can we expect an album?

An album is a while away, we are just experimenting with different musicians and sounds at the moment. I feel we are still a bit away from the style and sound we want to achieve. Hopefully though it wont be too long.

Interview by Corey Alcock

Web Links:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mikebliss4
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/blissy05


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