Delain – April Rain Album Review

April Rain was released some time ago, but it’s had a lasting effect.  A gentle piano solo plays as keyboards, drums, guitars, and chugging bass erupt one by one into audibility, and almost fade out to make way for a rising tidal wave of Charlotte’s vocals.

April rain is the first song on Delain’s second album, April Rain. It sets the tone for the whole album, yet only gives a glimpse into the band’s talents and creativity; such as the admirable guitar riff by Pieters at the 3 minute mark.

By comparison, Stay forever does not have the demonstration of skill like April rain, but nevertheless, all instruments bind together for an impressive sound, with vocals on par with Stream Of Passion, Leaves’ Eyes and Sirenia.

Invidia introduces, albeit discreetly, the first of male singing in the album. Unlike some bands, Delain don’t insist on whole songs of growling, seemingly preferring clean vocals, which is a very welcome experience when teamed with all other instruments in the band.

The two highlights of the album, I think, would be Control the Storm and On the Other Side, because they show the flexibility of the band’s style, in terms of vocals, song writing and instrumental use. Control the Storm, for instance, is more drum-beat orientated, with sections of clean male vocals (though verging on yelling), and calmer vocals.

On the Other Side, however, if much more melodic, and is the perfect song after the power of Control the Storm, it’s wholly relaxing, and is a great song to sing along to.

Go Away, though, is where the band flexes its’ muscles. While Charlotte’s voice is harmonious, her power is deceptive, and fits the energy of the song brilliantly.

Every harder song is balanced, usually immediately with a more sweet-sounding one. Overall, April Rain is an exceptional album of symphonic metal, by an award-nominated band.

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