As December Falls – Interview

As December Falls

As December Falls return with their new single “Keep Dreaming”, scheduled for release on 28th July.  Lead singer Bethany Curtis explains:

“We’re really excited to release our next single ‘Keep Dreaming…’ and b-side ‘…You’re Giving Up’. The songs explore the themes of motivation and perseverance; the fire that you have inside, pushing you to reach for your dreams when everything around you seems to be falling to pieces.”

The band have gained substantial momentum with the support of thousands of world-wide fans since they made their debut.  They impressively hit their target to crowd fund their debut EP in under 48 hours which enabled them to release their debut EP ‘When You Figure Out You’re Wrong, Get Back To Me’. Lead single ‘Don’t Say A Word’ was named Q Magazine’s track of the day, as well as being added to Alternative Press’s New Music Playlist and receiving radio plays on Kerrang! , Planet Rock and Awesome Radio.

As December Falls were kind enough to spend some time answering our questions.

You have a new single, “Keep Dreaming”, out on the 28th of July which explores the themes of motivation and perseverance. Besides those qualities what else do you think has contributed to your continued success so far?

That’s literally such a tough question to answer! The most important factor is that we’re all best mates; we spend most of our time together even when we’re not doing band stuff. That friendship really shines through in our music and it makes the creative process so much better and easier. We could never imagine being in one of those bands where all the members hate each other! We’re also all really driven in our passions and we all have strengths in different areas which means we all have different roles in the band that we focus on; I.E. Bambi sorting our gear and tech or Ande running our Twitter and Facebook. Working out who is best at what, early on, really pays off in the long run and we divide all roles between us.

Who did you work with on “Keep Dreaming” and how excited were you when you heard the final mix?

Arthur Walwin has been our producer since Capture and we love working with him. He really brings out the best of us as musicians and the vibe is always so chilled when we’re working. We actually recorded ‘Keep Dreaming’ at the same time as ‘More To You’ so we’ve had the finished mix for over six months now! It’s been killing us not being able to show it anyone until now!!!

You’re all from Nottingham, which has some great venues, but some people say that the number of venues has been in decline across the UK for some time, would you agree with that? If so, what would you put that down to?

You hear about venues closing down all the time but thankfully Nottingham has done okay so far! The main venue that’s closed down here was Junktion 7 but that was a few years ago now. It’s probably down to a number of reasons including taxes going up on alcohol, the smoking ban, it’s harder than ever to make money in music and that goes for live venues too.

What for you have been the most memorable moments of being in “As December Falls”?

We sold out Rescue Rooms in Nottingham earlier this year which was incredible. It was the first time we’d headlined a show of that size and it was an amazing feeling being on the same stage that we’ve all grown up watching some of our favourite bands on. Other highlights are probably always going to be the first time that we’ve done or experienced stuff like seeing our music videos on TV, being featured in our favourite magazines or being on tour for the first time. Bethany has a scrap book that has everything we’ve ever done in it!

Bethany, congratulations on graduating!  How difficult has it been to maintain a successful band like “As December Falls” as well as staying committed to academic study?

Thank you! It was difficult at times, whenever there were deadlines at Uni it seemed to always be at the same time we were touring, recording or releasing something! And that keeps you busy enough without a 5,000 word essay to do too! But as it’s a band we all understand when one of us is under pressure, and we support each other when there’s other stuff going on; Ande and Lukas both finished Uni whilst in the band too so everyone gets it.

Ande, did you ever get that degree from Central College Nottingham?

So we got asked to do a talk at one of the local colleges/ Uni’s in Nottingham about the music industry and marketing. Before the talk we played a live set of some of our material. Fast forward 6 months and suddenly I’m getting text messages from loads of my friends to say that my face is on every bus in Nottingham advertising Central College Nottingham’s music course despite the fact I’ve never been a student there (I went to Nottingham Law School). I tweeted them to see if they’d send me a free degree in return but I’m yet to hear back!

You’re scheduled to play Hampshire’s Lowde Fest how excited are you about that, and how did that come about?

We actually just played it last week! It was a blast playing with such a diverse line up such as 80s classics Doctor and the Medics and ABC. Amy over at R&R Agency books most of the bands for the festival and she put us forward to the owners who loved us!

How much progress has been made so far on the debut album?

It’s very early stages at the moment and we’re just writing as many songs as we can. The plan is to write 20/ 30 tracks before we narrow it down to 12 that will make the record. Arthur’s going to be producing the album with us and he’s coming up to Nottingham soon to work on pre-production. The aim is to start tracking by December or January with a summertime release next year!

A huge thank you to As December Falls!

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