Halflives – Empty Rooms

EmptyRooms5 piece Italian Pop Rockers, Halflives, have just released their debut album, “Empty Rooms”, and having listened to their single “Echo” beforehand, we’re hoping that they do well. For some perspective on how “Empty Rooms” came to be the album it is, here’s what Halflives frontwoman Linda Battliani had to say about the inspirations behind it:

“’Empty Rooms’ is the result of a long period of work and introspection. I was finding myself in a really dark place when writing these songs and I used the feelings I was carrying with me to give birth to something new, something deeper from everything that was written before. The inspiration came from different pieces of my life, including things I’ve seen on tour, things I’ve felt even by just staring outside of the ferry approaching to the white cliffs of Dover under the rain.

Each song is a different empty room where I’ve let my feelings flow, you can visit them all and find a piece of us in each of them, a story, in each of them.

The songs have been finely work in the past 18 months until they reached a shape and a sound that was satisfying us all.

We decided to keep just 8 of the very best tracks in this album to let people feel our real essence and we can’t wait to present it to you all.”

Opening track “Lone Wolf” very much sets the bar for the album.  Battilani’s vocals are unshackled and shine through after the synths get things going.  The guitar work is nice and bright, not too heavy or overpowering.  “Mayday” carries on the excellent work highlighting that “Lone Wolf” was no fluke.  The production is exceptional with a lovely balance parading all of the bands talent.

“Burn” is far more reflective and poignant with the opening lyrics “Walking down on the boulevard thinking where the hell can I hide myself? Did I lose it all?”  There’s a fair bit of reverb, but because of the fairly minimal structure, it works very well, which of course adds a bit of gravitas when the guitars are cranked up a bit for the chorus. “Echo” seems something of a bitter sweet track whereas “The Sickness” very much has a battling spirit to it.

“Half Alive” maintains a higher tempo and pace, and for me personally, I think it’s the strongest track, with an anthemic sound to it, it just sounds immense.  It probably helps there are a few moments of heavier guitars too. “Empty Room” sees Battilani vulnerable before she turns the song through 180 with a stronger defiant delivery.  “Collide” has that late night trip home at stupid o’clock in the morning vibe, and it’s captured perfectly.

It’s a great debut from Halflives, with great musicianship and an exceptional production quality.

Web Links:

Website – http://wehavehalflives.bigcartel.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wehavehalflives
Twitter – https://twitter.com/wehavehalflives
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/wehavehalflives
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wehavehalflives/

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