Bad Solution – The War Within


Bad Solution were formed in 2011 by guitarists Trix and Mariusz. Originally made up of all Polish members, in November 2011 British vocalist Alex Willox took over as the frontman adding a new energy and sound to the band’s music.  In December 2013, drummer Mariusz Burzynski unfortunately announced his departure due to medical reasons, making way for British Metal Drummer, Joe Patterson. Wojtek Suberlak completed the line up.

After two months of playing together, Bad Solution made their live debut in Hammersmith, London for Poland’s most recognised charity (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). Having had such a great response from this show, Bad Solution hit the live scene all around the UK, and have shared the festival stages with some big names such as: Gallows, The Blackout, Soulfly to name a few. The band released their debut EP “Self Destruct” in 2015 to rave reviews.

Now we have the sequel in the form of their debut album, “The War Within”, is it a step up?

It most certainly is, with the inclusion of tracks “Nothing”, “Self Destruct”, “Desert” and “Dear Sarah” from their debut EP it’s a logical progression. The album opens with Drowning and it’s a promising start, an indication of the of tight guitar riffs, to the point lyrics, and vocal bordering on David Draiman.  The title of “Drowning” is fairly self explanatory with lyrics including the line “save me from myself”, there’s no subtlety here, but then why should there be.

“Nothing” quickly follows (now there’s a broken sentence) on from “Drowning”, and it’s a defiant message of “you don’t know a thing about me”.  In a lot of cases this is more than likely to be true, and probably why they’re in a bad situation if you take the progression form “Drowning” as literal.

Musically so far, the guitars and drums work together exceptionally well with a bass line rumbling on refusing to be just a mimic.  The vocals are going to be possibly divisive, but then, aren’t they always?  Willox delivers in my opinion exactly what’s needed, but inevitably comparisons are going to be drawn (yes I know, I’m guilty of that too) and there are going to be some who want more melodic vocals, or indeed a more aggressive delivery (to the point of the lyrics being unrecognisable).

Bad Solution

“Demon in my bed” had me cringing with the title, I’m not going to lie (please don’t let this be another sort of “Whitesnake” sniggering double entendre).  Thankfully this isn’t the case (sighs of relief), so rather than being some sad boast of ability this is aimed much more at describing the other half of the double act.  It’s a drop in the aggressive song delivery with some slower guitar riffs.

It’s easy to see why their EP was named after the track “Self Destruct”, with seemingly everything including the kitchen sink has been thrown at it.  Piano intro’s, lonely lead guitar solos, slow tempo’s suddenly shifting up to warp drive, shouty angry vocals, then melodic vocals.  The only thing missing would be someone rapping or indeed some sort of symphonic metal vocal delivery and you really would have the veritable “metal full house” hand.

“Echoes Of The Cry” I believe stands out more than “Self Destruct”.  It’s far more patient in keeping it’s restraint and then sparingly lets rip. It feels like they wrote this song for themselves as opposed to being hell bent on making their audience jump around like lunatics.  The Last Lie is a swaggering hellish tempered bad ass bastard of a track, a double dare challenge of not liking what “Bad Solution” are capable of.  “Desert Rock” mixes the archetypal view of what music in the Sahara “must” sound like, and throws in Zakk Wylde going mad with pinch harmonics.

“Dear Sarah” is a tough one. It’s emotive, it’s personal and as such reactions to this one are going to be wildly varied. On the video for “Dear Sarah” the worrying and dreadful statistic of there being “almost 900 child abductions reported in the UK in 2014” is shown at the start.  Irrespective of the number of victims, the media coverage, songs, films and so on, one abduction is one too many.  Full credit to “Bad Solution” for taking the step to writing this track.

“FOD” had me scratching my head asking “What the hell does FOD stand for”, then a “Green Day” moment, oh yeah. Ok.  White Washed is the final track to what has been an enjoyable album of discovery and it maintains the energy and drive persistent through the whole musical journey.

Bad Solution?  Pretty good solution actually.

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