My Singing Monsters – Review


You start with an empty island… it’s all quiet… when suddenly – BAM, Singing Monsters. That’s the opening line, but not so much BAM, but “ooh”.  My Singing Monsters offers a nice alternative to the slew of games that have bludgeoned to death the free to play “build your base, destroy your enemies” that proliferate the Google Play Store.  Not all of those games are bad, but there are few standouts.  My Singing Monsters may still have the “build your base” element with having certain buildings on your “island”, but instead of training troops or researching technology to give you the advantage over “angryneeson52”, you get to breed cute little monsters that each have their unique sound.

Your aim is to breed lots of little critters (and there are over 100 types to choose from), and blend their sounds into one symphony of awesome.  To help you do this there are a variety of structures and decorations designed to either keep your monsters happy, or to upgrade them (namely a bakery).  Oh and don’t forget the castle, it dictates how many monsters you can have.

The individual sounds are brilliant, and the graphics are “lush” too, in fact it’s a great little game but there are a couple of drawbacks.  The first one is relatively minor, and considering how great the game is, it’s one I can easily live with, adverts.  They’re not a deal breaker, you get one at startup, and then if you want a free scratch card, you watch another 30second video.  If it means creators Big Blue Bubble get some income, then I think a small video is a small price to pay.

The biggest moan is getting hold of the in game currency, diamonds, it’s mighty hard.  You get scratch cards and you see the first panel is 100,000 diamonds, but you know you’re going to end up with 700 food or 200 coins.  It’s incredibly tight, and if you’re a bit impatient, it’s going to grate a little.  You can alleviate this a little by building a diamond mine, and free diamonds is always great, but it’s not going to gift you hundreds of the things in a small space of time.

On the whole though, it’s a game which offers something different from the norm, and it is a fun knockabout.  Worth a download!


Those bakeries need to be at work all of the time, fully upgraded, and have the most amount of them.

Do check out what makes each monster happy and try to have them near decorations or monsters that improve their productivity.

Here are some nice breeding combinations for you:

Shrubb = Potbelly and Noggin.
Oaktopus = Potbelly and Toe Jammer.
Furcorn = Potbelly and Mammott.
Fwog = Toe Jammer and Noggin.
Drumpler = Noggin and Mammott.
Maw = Mammott and Toe Jammer.
Pummel = Fwog and Potbelly.
Clamble = Drumpler and Potbelly.
Bowgart = Maw and Potbelly.
T-Rox = Fwog and Mammott.
Entbrat = Potbelly and T-Rox.
Dandidoo = Tweedle and Potbelly.
Quibble = Tweedle and Toe Jammer.
Pango = Tweedle and Mammott.
Spunge = Tweedle and Oaktopus.
Thumpies = Tweedle and Furcorn.
Congle = Tweedle and Maw.
Deedge = Bowgart and Tweedle.
Cybop = Tweedle and Noggin.
PomPom = Tweedle and Drumpler.
Scups = Tweedle and Fwog.
Riff = Congle and Noggin.
Reedling = Tweedle and Shrubb.
Shelbeat = Scups and Potbelly.
Quarrister = PomPom and Potbelly.

You can download the game here –

Size: 1.09GB

Content Rating: PEGI 3


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