The Stranglers – Gig Review

The Stranglers 1

Ruts DC set the stage before The Stranglers return to rock city for a triumphant and sweaty performance.

Ruts DC take to stage at the nearly sold out Strangler’s Classics tour and deliver a solid set, getting the crowd going with some of the classics such as “Babylon’s Burning” and “Jah War” alongside newer material. A few eager fans could be spotted skanking away to the ska infused anthems.

Ruts DC 1

The punters swiftly packed in as it neared the hour. “Waltzinblack” droned around the venue before the band arrived to a rapturous crowd. “This is the biggest crowd we’ve ever had here – and it’s a Monday night!” shouted lead singer Baz Warne. Jean-Jacque’s bass quickly ripped into “The Raven”, the crowd bouncing from the get go.

Hit after hit were delivered to the sweaty crowd who eagerly lapped up classics such as “Hanging Around”, “5 Minutes” and “Peaches”. Time was also dedicated to some of the slower numbers like “Strange Little Girl” and “Golden Brown” leading to many arms around shoulders in a shared love for The Stranglers.

They return for an encore after rapturous applause and blast through “Go Buddy Go” before sending off the night with No More Heroes.

Never missing a beat and with over 40 years of touring behind them, the legends take a bow.

With their entire studio album catalogue planned to be re-released it won’t be long before they’re back to deliver another superb show.

Review by Sam Rowbotham

Photography courtesy of Elias Ruiz Monserrat – Elrumo

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