Jake Bugg – Nottingham Gig Review

The lights turn off and as an unrecognisable shadow approaches the spotlight at the front of the stage the crowd starts to scream, it’s Jake Bugg, the 22 year prodigy kid is back at his hometown of Nottingham for the second time this year, and with a guitar in hand starts singing in a very Johnny Cash way:

“I’m just a poor boy, from Nottingham…
…3 years on the road, 400 shows,
Where do I call home?
Where do I belong”
(On My One, 2016)

Quite ironic to start with a song like this, being himself from Nottingham but it made perfect sense at the time as the four first songs were played all by himself on an acoustic guitar. That was until the rest of the band joined him to set the bar very high for the rest of the show with his hit song “Two Fingers” followed by a few of his early and better well-known material until we reach the ballad “Love, Hope and Dispair” from his 2016 album.

The musical influences on the 22 year old are clearer on stage than on the studio, ranging from country sounds taken straight from a Cash song to the electrifying Hendrix guitar solos, but always with his warm and recognisable voice, which sounds even more soulful live, something that he’s clearly aware of and uses to his advantage. But don’t ask for more at one of his shows. He’s just there purely for the music and the melody, forget about an incredible stage presence, dance moves and an interaction with the audience, if flamboyance is what you’re looking for you’ve come to the wrong show, what I saw was different. I saw an incredibly talented young artist who’s clearly having fun and enjoying what he does, singing and playing guitar to an audience.

In today’s pop/rock scene it’s really refreshing to see a someone like Jake Bugg, not an entertainer but a musician, a real musician with no time to waste.

Acoustic Jake Solo
On My One
Strange Creatures
The Love We’re Hoping For
Simple as This
Main Set with Band
Two Fingers
Messed Up Kids
Seen It All
Love, Hope and Misery
Me and You
Never Wanna Dance
Bitter Salt
Trouble Town
Put Out the Fire
There’s a Beast and We All Feed It
Taste It
Slumville Sunrise
Simple Pleasures
Gimme the Love
Lightning Bolt


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