Memoreve – Insignia EP

The six piece progressive metal outfit Memoreve, born partially of a collective of former members of both Power Quest and Dreamcatcher are celebrating the long awaited release of their debut EP Insignia.

Opening track “Insignia” isn’t quite what you’d expect, it’s not some vicious kick in the teeth, it’s not some sort of aggressive outburst, instead it’s an incredibly atmospheric immersive soundscape which wouldn’t sound out of place at the start of some epic concept album lasting a good hour or so.

Second track “These Reflections” has an almost impossible task of following on from Insignia, delivering on the build up.  Surprisingly it delivers on a grand scale, maintaining the atmospheric synths, but throwing in some tight hefty guitar riffage and having an almost Dream Theater sound with the vocals.

“The Descendant” continues the journey, and although it initially sounds a little frenetic without cause, it very quickly snaps in line with the previous two tracks.  There is a little moment at 1:19 where my ears and brain have a little buffer issue though, but from 6:00 onwards we’re introduced to a wonderfully beautiful fragility.

Final track “Alleviate” is Memoreve’s last say on why it’s taken a while to deliver this EP, and it leads me to ask “Would I have wanted this 4 track EP now, or would I have wanted to wait another year or so for a full album?”  and quite frankly, that’s a sod of a question I can’t actually answer.   There’s a lot going on with Insignia, and Memoreve show huge promise and I just wonder if they felt pressurised into jumping the gun, but you certainly can’t rush perfection. Either way, Insignia is one hell of a starting point for them and I look forward to hearing more!

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