Inked_Insane Interview

40446491-144-k986004Inked_Insane is a Wattpad author who has a great story called Ink Me Insane which brings together the worlds of fantasy and a mental assylum where anyone can learn to use magic. It’s a story filled with awesome ideas and after reading some of it I knew I had to interview her!

Hi Inked_ Insane! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a pretty big nerd, which pairs perfectly with my love of science and reading. I’m a University student going for my Masters in Natural Resources Management. My background though is a Bachelor’s of Science, with a Major in Biology emphasis ecology. I hope to go into research with Climate Change, particularly conservation efforts.

Who made your cover?

A great artist on Deviantart called Ron-faure. It is important to me to use images that capture the style and themes of the story and Ron-faure did that brilliantly!

Can you tell us a bit about your Ink Me Insane and its themes?

Ink Me Insane is a story about a girl who has tattoos randomly appearing on her skin since she was eleven. The two most prominent, and first, are a pair of black and white dragons that encircle her arm. Upon seeing these dragons, her mother tried to carve them off her skin with a knife. After bouncing through foster homes, Rene was placed in a bordering school for trouble youth with mental illnesses known as the Asylum by its residents.

Rene struggles with her sanity and survival in a dark system ran by people that may be madder than she is. In order to survive, she turned her life into a game. Rene becomes the bane to all in charge as she clings desperately to it in an attempt to maintain what shred of sanity she has left. However, things begin changing. New players join in her fun, two voices in her head claiming to be ancient beings and a pyro prankster boy, not to mention another tattoo paints her skin. The new game inadvertently leads to a sentence to the electro-shock therapy. To avoid the zombifying end, Rene decides to really let loose and see what her living tattoos can really do.

Themes revolve around the concept of insanity and the darkness of a human mind, what really makes a person crazy and how can you tell. It also raises the question on if being insane is a bad thing.

Fantasy obviously requires world building and deciding what qualities your magical people/creatures have and what they can do. Can you tell us about how you went about deciding these things for your story?

Well, hm…I didn’t do much large scale world building. I always knew it would be at an asylum-type for the setting in a modern era. I did have to design the layout of the building and how I wanted to it to look, but that was based more on a mixture of functionality for the realism and the added creepiness factor of a run-down horror-style place.

Actually, a lot of the beginning concepts, like the setting and Rene’s abilities with the tattoos being able to come off her skin were from a dream I had. So those were easy, Michael’s fire abilities were something that fit with his personality and that he liked to drop hinting puns about it all the time. As for the others, they sort of came as the story was written. For example Scarlet, everyone liked her despite the fact she was a manipulative person. So I found different mythologies of seductresses and tweaked one that fit the character I had designed Scarlet as already in previous characters, hence the Native American Deer Woman.

What was the thing that made you want to write novels?

Definitely reading and reading some more. I have always been a book worm. Stories were my escape and as the saying goes, how “I have lived a thousand lives” –George R R Martin. I started picturing myself in the stories and then eventually went on to playing out original stories in my head based on dreams or random drawings. It wasn’t until recently though that I got the courage to actually write them out.

What’s your favourite genre/s to write? Are they the same genres as you read?

I love writing fantasy and paranormal, I want to write the impossible and bring it to life. Yes, it is the same genre I tend to read. I love reading basically anything within that genre, usually also young adult.

Are you the type who needs to know every last detail of the story before you write, or do you have a sort of partial plan and then link things together as you go along?

I’m horrible about planning out anything with writing. I usually just have an ending and beginning, everything in between and how long it takes to get there is up in the air.

What about the rest of your writing process?

I’m very much a pants writer. If by some miracle I go into a new chapter with a general idea, it will basically change as it flows out. My characters are the ones really leading the story. I let them be them and whatever plot happens along the way because of that, is the story. My process is very much a disorganized mess for writing. I’m pretty such it is luck that makes everything come out making sense like it does.

The saying is, a picture paints a thousand words. Do you ever get an image in your head of a particular moment or scene and then struggle to capture it? How do you overcome this?

Not often, because like I said I don’t usually have an idea. I just let myself start typing and the scene pores out. If I ever do struggle with a specific scene I picture, it’s often because it doesn’t fit. It’s not natural in the flow, in which case I take a break. I get writer’s block a lot and sometimes I just need to step back from everything. Then, I’ll come back later, crank up some music (always rock), and try again from a different angle.

What’s the piece of writing that you’re most proud of? (A whole story or specific scene.)

I’m really proud of Ink Me Insane in general. It’s the first novel I’ve ever finished and the feedback has been amazing, but the scene I’m most proud of is, without a doubt, chapter twenty-one. I did a lot of research for that chapter and read many first-hand accounts to properly describe a panic attack. I’m proud of myself for all the feedback I’ve gotten saying how well I gave life to something that is hard to describe and understand by people who have never experienced it.

Is there a genre you’d love to write, but don’t have the bravery to tackle?

I’d love to give Science Fiction a try, but that is a lot more research and fact checking than I am comfortable with right now. Fantasy has more leeway with that kind of stuff and what is accepted among the impossible.

Thanks, Inked_Insane!

If you’re interested in Inked Me Insane or want to see what other stories Inked_Insane has written, check out her wattpad profile.


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