LANY – Gig Review, Birmingham


This last year has been a quite intense one for the Californian electro pop band LANY, their hit single ILYSB reached more than 15 million plays on Spotify, went on tour earlier this year with Ellie Goulding and now they are on their first headline tour in the UK. And all within two years of the band’s formation.

Just before the concert started there was one thing I was curious to know, how do you get to know and become such a big fan of a band that doesn’t get played on the radio. The answer to most people was Troye Sivan, the internet and YouTube star recommended them and then took them out on his latest tour exposing the band to millions of young people hungry for new music.


By when the band entered the stage and 4EVER! started playing anyone could tell it was going to be a different kind of concert, the connection between the fans and the NEXT model and lead vocalist Paul Klein was something that as different as the music might be, I’ve only seen before on a Nick Cave gig. Klein talked and interacted with the young audience as if they had always been friends thanks to his undeniable charisma.

They seem to have found the perfect mix of 80s synth electro pop with today’s minimalistic and modern sound without sounding too electric and still having some of that organic sound thanks to every band member’s different music backgrounds (Les Priest on keys, Jake Goss on drums, and Paul Jason Klein on vocals).


Breakout single ILYSB was chosen to end such a memorable evening after playing earlier material from their first EP “I love you” such as “BRB” and “You are fire” and songs from their more recent “kina” EP that includes their first official single “Where the hell are my friends”. My only disappointment of the night was the exclusion of the first song they apparently ever recorded, Hot Lights, that Phil Collins inspired tune would have been the perfect song to close an already perfect night.


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