Memoreve – Interview

From the smouldering embers of Dreamcatcher, a bright new prog rock phoenix has arisen in the form of Memoreve with a release date of 21st October of their stunning debut EP, “Insignia”. We speak to guitarist Alex (with others chipping in here and there) to find out more about the band and their imminent debut release.

Congrats on Insignia! How hard was it to keep your work under wraps and free from internet leaks etc?

Thanks guys! I think the hardest thing for us was to keep everything quiet to our friends and families! Obviously we really wanted to put some of the demos and artwork out there online before the release but the driving idea behind the band since we got everything in motion was to release everything in one very short space of time, so that bit wasn’t too hard! Convincing ourselves not to send everything to our friends and families the entire time however was a different story, there was always the temptation to prove we’d actually been doing something with our time for the last few years!

How difficult was it in trying to strike a balance between getting Insignia completed but making it sure it lived up to your high standards?

This was definitely a struggle for us, I mean by this point we’ve all adopted an ‘it has to be right!’ attitude towards MEMOREVE so the process of getting the materials together has taken a very long time, at least behind the scenes. We’ve also had to be very budget-conscious and make sure the funding goes into the right places, which again makes things difficult when you hold such high expectations of yourselves but at the same time need to get a record out and have to do it within your means.

Are there any personal favourites on the EP, and why?

Well speaking for myself (Alex – Guitars), the title track ‘Insignia’ holds a special place for me; I love what Colin has done with the vocals and his lyrics, and I think for me musically it was nice to step back from the constant heavy bombardment of the other songs and rely more on ambience – it’s definitely a favourite to play live for me. Though I’m pretty sure each member of the band will have their own favourite for different reasons!

Terrific video for Falling Further. I notice you’ve put the lyrics in the description of it on Youtube. Do you find that fans appreciate that and as a result tend to be singing along with you at your shows?

Thanks for the kind words on the video! Ah you know the lyrics in the YouTube description isn’t something I’ve thought a lot about but I bet our public relations mastermind Ross (drums) will have a very specific intention behind that. I would say that having the lyrics there allows a lot of people to connect emotionally with the music – not everyone thinks in sounds so the lyrics help bridge that gap and allow anyone listening to connect to the song in whichever way comes naturally to them, which I can pretty safely say is exactly what we’re trying to do here. During the last show with Circus Maximus we actually noticed a few new fans turn up and sing along to falling further – it was amazing to see that people had checked us out before coming to see us!

And while we’re talking about the video, over 47k views and on the up! How does its popularity make you feel?

We’re so happy with the popularity ‘Falling Further’ has received and even recently at the Camden Underworld with Circus Maximus (Norway) we tried the typical ‘has anyone seen the music video for Falling Further’ with the crowd, and to our surprise we noticed a few hands shoot up! It’s pretty nice to get good feedback like that, especially after years of work!

With Memoreve being a six piece band, do you find that it’s been a bit tougher logistically doing tours etc, or does it mean an extra pair of hands to shift the drumkit? 🙂

Well the story doesn’t stop at 6 band members! We’re also an international band I guess you could say – Colin (vocals) lives on the west coast of Ireland in a beautiful town called Galway, so he usually flies in for any tours / shows / video shoots (I say usually, Colin has been known to take ferries across the Irish Sea to Wales and incorporate a Snowdonia mountain summit into a band weekend in the past!). The rest of us are spread out around England so we definitely have to work hard on logistics, which usually involves a lot of communication and preparation when planning any tours / video shoots. It does however, as you quite rightly put it, mean extra hands in setting up what is already far too much gear for a band without roadies!

Where do you take your inspiration from for writing your songs?

Well for a band of 6 members as we covered in the last question, this subject is another positive of having so many people involved – we’ve all come from different musical backgrounds and like any person, we’re all constantly changing in what we like to listen to and what feels genuine and relevant to the day and age. I think we’re inspired by bands that sound current, who write music that feels like it belongs now. We’re all pretty big fans of Periphery, but besides their music in general, it’s their ability to diversify their music that inspires us and helps us feel brave enough to write what feels right, even if it isn’t ‘metal’ sometimes.

Was the transition from your other bands to Memoreve challenging, or was it more liberating?

I think for us coming from Dreamcatcher, it’s been entirely liberating. Dreamcatcher just didn’t feel right for those of us who came from that band and for the last few months, the atmosphere wasn’t the best, so it’s pretty incredible to be here in MEMOREVE now, with people we couldn’t imagine making music without. Anthony (Guitars): I found it very refreshing because the band had a very clear idea about what they wanted it to be and where we wanted to take it from the start, everyone was expected to buy into that idea – both in terms of the direction of the band and in terms of effort and financial contribution each member puts in. Everyone had to be on the same page or else MEMOREVE simply would never work! As we’ve gone over before, it’s a huge logistical challenge but musically I’d say the overall consensus is liberating.

And what do you have planned next for the band?

Well we have the release of Insignia coming up in October, and we’ve got three music videos coming out around the same time in support of the release. We’re on tour in October as well around the UK and after all that, well plans are in discussion for a ‘Live DVD’ release. That’s still very much on the drawing board but if we can pull it off, it’s going to be something pretty special!

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