Factory- “Dynamite” Single Review



When I first received the track from Factory I wasn’t completely sure what to make of it, it had an old classic rock vibe about it but at the same time it was really catchy. The intro really engages the listener and gets you tapping along to the beat. The vocals are just a true example of power, slightly rough and chipped at the edges which brings in the modern side of their music, the voice is really complemented by the guitars and the sounds they are producing.

At one point I thought the song had come to an end as everything died down and just left the guitar to play, fading out slow but it picked straight back up and broke in to an awesome solo heading in to the final part of the song. This one is really phone for the download list, get on it and get jammin’ you will not be disappointing, this band just continue to deliver to their fans and never fail to please a crowd. Check out their website, Facebook, Twitter etc for tour dates and more music. We managed to get them to answer 3 questions about their new single, continue reading below.

What was the inspiration behind the track?

There wasn’t one really, the song was written by accident when we were jamming a while back. Tony started playing the bass riff, Karl (me) joined in on guitar, then Ben put a beat to it and finally James started singing over it. From start to finish the song is pretty much how it was the first time we jammed it. That’s how most our music is written, it’s better that way.

Were you going for an upbeat old school feeling?

We didn’t set out to write it with any intention, we were just jamming, so not really, we just liked the sound of what was happening at the time. The reason we recorded it as a single is because of the reaction people have to it live, it goes off.

I suppose when it came to recording the feel we had was just keep it free flowing with a groove. The sort of thing you can do a weird little dance too without looking insane.

How far would you like the single to go?

Number 1. Although at this stage let’s be honest that’s not going to happen, the music industry doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t matter how good a song from a new band is these days, if it’s not written by fucking Ed Sheeran it’s not gonna get the appreciation it deserves.

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/factoryband/ 
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/factorybandruncornliverpool 
Twitter – https://twitter.com/factoryband_ 
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/factoryband_/


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