Suicide Squad – Review

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It feels good to be bad, well the cast of Suicide Squad probably feel pretty great right now…

That’s the line I expected to open this review with, instead I can’t honestly say that’s true. I sat down in the theatre expecting to be coming home and bashing out a review that’s desperately trying to find something good to say, after all, all the critics reviews set me up to expect another Batman Vs. Superman (if you don’t know how I felt about that click here). Instead I walked out with a smile on my face remembering why I always take critics reviews with a pinch of salt (and you should too).

That being said I most certainly don’t consider this to be the best comic book movie, and for hardcore comic fans you may still be disappointed (I know you guys can’t handle change), but DC have proven to me today that they can make good movies without Christopher Nolan at the helm, or maybe it was just Zach Snyder dragging them down. Whatever the reason I find myself for the first time genuinely excited for the rest of the DC cinematic universe.

It’s easy to compare Suicide Squad to Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, which FYI, I loved, while DC certainly had the opportunity to make something as funny they chose not to. Suicide Squad is markedly brighter and funnier than all other DC films in the DCCU it still has that trademark gloom and seriousness hanging over it, however in this case, that’s fine, they struck a balance with the humor and it works. As for the plot, a lot of critics have panned it for being too light on the ground but I disagree, considering how character driven and action packed the flick is the plot is perfectly weighted, at least it has one that is clearly defined, and it’s clearly executed without juggling a gazillion subplots. *cough*BvS*cough* Critics have said pretty consistently that it’s another jumbled mess that doesn’t know what to do with itself but I say that they must not have been paying attention because I thoroughly enjoyed it, and did not feel at any point that the story or characters didn’t fit. They all had a part to play, some bigger than others but that’s generally the case so that’s fine. I only noticed one plot hole but that was so small I quickly got over it and it somewhat fixed itself anyway so who actually cares?

When it comes down to it David Ayer (Director) has taken some of the most iconic and some of the less well known villains of the DC canon and made me fall in love with all of them, never before have I been genuinely happy to see the Joker getting his way, nor have I ever wanted the bad guys to outwit the good guys, if you can call Amanda Waller good. But that’s another thing, I was genuinely questioning who was good and bad, I mean, Batman using a child as a human shield? That’s a new low.

However, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, was Jared Leto’s Joker any good? Because let’s face it, after the Dark Knight how could anyone (except perhaps Mark Hamil – Batman Animated series) ever play The Joker again? By taking the character and delivering a whole new take that’s how, and that’s exactly what Jared Leto (Dallas buyers’ Club) has done. While Heath Ledger’s joker was a sociopathic anarchist who just wanted to watch the world burn, in the (admittedly short) screen time Jared’s Joker gets I have the sense that he is more of a cold calculated mobster type of guy with sociopathic outbursts, and… he’s in love?

Yeah that’s right, it’s weird to think of the Joker in love and its weird to see, but in his own twisted and cruel way, the Joker is in love with Dr Harleen Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn, as played by Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall street). But it works, and I like it, it feels natural in its own fucked up way.

Harley Quinn is for the first time brought to life in live action here and she takes center stage alongside Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) as Deadshot.

TLDR; I loved it and will be going again shortly. I highly recommend you disregard what the critics say and go and make your own opinion, and for those of you who still don’t like it, please don’t ruin it for anyone else. I think this will divide fans, but I’m hoping it will be more of a positive split than BvS was (I still can’t believe people liked that garbage).


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