The Fundamentals of Caring – Review

Okay so this is a new one, a review of a comedy, and of a film that’s never been in cinemas. If you want to watch The Fundamentals of Caring you’ll need access to a Netflix account, whether that’s by paying (highly recommended) or like some of my friends (naming no names) maybe you scrounge off a kind soul (that would be me by the way). Of course there are probably less legit ways to watch it, but considering I would someday like to work in the film industry, please don’t, I “want” to be able to pay off my student loans eventually.

But you want to know about the film right? Well as I’ve already stated it’s a comedy, a road trip comedy to be precise, starring Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) who’s character has recently retired from acting and become a caregiver due to personal loss, Selena Gomez (Wizard of Waverly Place) as a snarky runaway teen, and Craig Roberts (Neighbors, the film, not that Aussie soap opera, and others) as a disabled teen with a scary sense of humor.

Over the course of the film we watch as these three meet and bond forming relationships that are a joy to behold, but that’s not what I loved about this movie, most road trip comedies I’ve watched have one liner jokes and most running jokes are left open and unresolved, along with character arks and stories. The Fundamentals of Careing is different, there’s not a joke or story line, not a single detail that’s left at the end with an open ending, well, maybe except one, but that’s okay, life goes on beyond a movie (or does it?).

Despite being a comedy this was a film that had me constantly falling for its tricks (maybe cause I’m watching it at 2am) and laughing at its jokes while genuinely forming a connection to some amazing characters. This film is no bullshit on a stick, it’s a Slim Jim and I’m glad I found it in the deepest pit of entertainment that is Netflix (now you have to watch the film to understand all the jokes I just fit into the last 64 words).

In conclusion, it’s a great film about a handsome and cool disabled boy, a runaway teen and an ex-writer turned ass wiper. (oh look, more film related jokes, go watch it, now, it only takes 88 minutes, 22 if you watch it on 4x with subtitles and read really really fast).

One you’ve seen it, come back here and talk about it with me in the comments, I’ll be waiting.

Review by Callum.


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