Pokémon Go – From the Other Half’s POV

I was talking to friends at work about Pokémon Go and came to the conclusion that couples are going to be split into three groups – those who are both going to be playing the game, those where one person is super excited and the other really couldn’t give a shit and the last where both are absolutely clueless as to what the frick is going on.

My boyfriend and I are in group two and oh my word, it’s a good job I’m pretty patient with him. I really couldn’t give a flying monkeys about Pokémon in general despite being of the generation where Pokémon was as important as Harry Potter, and for some people it’s even more so.

So far my experience with it has been one of amused sufferance and to begin with playing the game for him because he wasn’t patient enough to wait for the pokémon to appear. His words were literally “fuck this, I’m going loo. Catch them if they turn up”. And turn up they did and I ended up catching some sort of rat which he named after me (thanks?). Then it was a series of zoo bats and some sort of thing that looks like a sea mine with a smile and huge eyes.

Since then he’s gone out looking for pokémon and racked up something like 11 miles of walking in about three days. Not bad really. Though he did nearly walk into a road that a lorry was coming down and could have been hit by it. Immersion, not so great.

Besides that, the game possibly the thing that will do more to help with obesity and getting people outdoors than anything else in the last decade. But is it really the dogs bollocks?

I’ll try and be neutral here. The servers kept going down after it came out in the first few countries because of the amount of people who are playing, but that’s not necessarily the game makers’ fault. You can play it over here even though it hasn’t been released as everything is in place for it, but how you go about that, I don’t know. The servers issue got so bad that there have been Reddit posts dedicated to it and an tweet saying something along the lines of “Everyone deserves someone who will go down on them as much as the Pokémon servers”. Apparently over the last day or so, the server has been dramatically improved and dropouts are less frequent.

The game itself does have pretty good graphics. It uses your phone’s camera to show the room/area you’re in and then a pokémon comes up on the screen floating around and you get to throw a pokéball at it, and there is an element of aim. After a few levels the little critters begin to dodge a bit as well. There are gyms and pokéstops where you can battle people as it’s a gathering point. I guess you can battle people in the street, but that function isn’t out here yet. My boyfriend’s brother hasn’t got it yet, but he said “I think it’s fucking awesome!” and I’m sure that as more game features and things get unlocked over here when it’s officially released, he’ll say the same again.

The Pokémon world seems pretty chuffed with it.

To convince the rest of you of its value, let me say this: The game is a social one, apparently a couple of people got talking and are going on a date thanks to the game. People are getting outside to play it and traipsing around sometimes for hours to catch the next one. They’re battling people they probably would have never met otherwise and possibly making friends whilst doing it. You can go to pokémon gyms to level up your pokémon and whatnot. I don’t know the inns and outs of it, but you get my point. People are getting off their butts and going outside to play a game.  I commented about the zoo bats and the rat thing it on my facebook page and a couple of guys I haven’t spoken to for a few years started speaking to me about it. One has a charmander and the other said “gratze” which, for all I know, is a pokémon, but I assumed he was speaking Spanish and have since been calling him Manuel.

The Pokémon community is abuzz. Pokémon_Days (on twitter) liked a couple of my live tweets of that first night my boyfriend had the game here’s what I had to say about it as he (and by that I mean I) was playing:

Aaaand that was when @Pokémon_Days stopped liking my tweets for how dare I not like Pokemon? Anyway, here’s the rest of it:

I’m not sure I’ll ever approve of people going out to catch Pokémon, but, well no one’s doing anyone any harm and bringing people together can only be a good thing right?

Well, maybe unless other halves kill their partners for being obsessed….


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