Capsize – Tear Me Apart


Southern Cali Post-hardcore Capsize are gearing up to release their sophomore album worldwide (exc. North America), via Rude Records on 22nd July 2016, and as part of the build up they’ve unveiled their latest video single, “Tear Me Apart”.  The track features the additional talents of Brendan Murphy from Counterparts.

What caught my attention isn’t the hardcore delivery of the vocals, nor the guitar hooks and melodies, but this very odd feeling that it was sounding like a very early Chester Bennington or Jacoby Shaddix and given the long term success and popularity of those two and their respective bands I can’t help but feel that “Tear Me Apart”is going to draw a lot of attention to them.

Vocalist Daniel Wand explains: “This one goes out to anyone that has ever felt doubted or discouraged by their family or friends, while trying to pursue something that means everything to them.”

Judging by this track, their sophomore album, “A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me” look set to be a huge success.

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