Black Veil Brides – BVB IV


Guest writer Imogen enlightens us with a piece on Black Veil Brides 🙂

Black Veil Brides are an American rock band whose music inspires millions of people every day. The band consists of five amazingly talented members / artists. Andy Biersack – lead vocals; Jake Pitts – lead guitar; Jeremy “Jinx” Ferguson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, violin; Ashley Purdy – bass guitar, backing vocals; Christian “CC” Coma – drums, percussion.

In 2014 (October), Black Veil Brides released a self-entitled album (or BVB IV) which debuted number ten on the Billboard 200 chart, and got to number seventeen in the UK. The album sold around 30,000 copies in just the first week in the USA. The average production value for any one of their videos from this album was between two hundred thousand and three thousand dollars.

The album itself is very meaningful, in each song there is a common theme. It seems that the entire album is about change and embracing who you are. In an interview, Andy Biersack was asked about the first song on the album and its meaning. He commented;

“The song ‘Heart of Fire’ is about how time and circumstance change you and how the goal is always not to let the passion that you have for something to burn out because the world around you changes it”

The majority of the songs have the same meaning which is why it is such an inspirational album. It encourages people to not give up on their dreams because it’s not the social norm. The entire premise of the album is to be different and accept your differences because you’re awesome and unique.

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