Andy Black – “The Shadow Side”


Black Veil Brides have amassed a huge amount of fans, and one of them, Imogen, wanted to tell us about Andy Biersack and Black Veil Brides.

Andy Biersack is the frontman of American rock band Black Veil Brides. In May 2016, he released his solo album; “The Shadow Side”. He released the album under the moniker “Andy Black”.

The album has thirteen songs in total and every single one has tons of meaning. Andy made several Youtube videos explaining the meaning behind each one. They each have a reoccurring theme of accepting yourself and others because we’re all unique and awesome.


Whilst Black Veil Brides’ music is preferred by teens, “The Shadow Side” is more widely liked by everyone. This was demonstrated by my dad trying to sneak it into his car. He has expressed his hatred for my music many times but was utterly speechless when listening to this, as was I when I witnessed this phenomenon.

It’s such an amazing album that has sold over 3 million copies. Andy Biersack is a really inspirational artist, his album is a prime example of that and is highly recommended by anyone who has listened to it, including me.


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