Factory – Interview


Factory are a four piece British rock band from the North West. The band consists of James Shelley on lead vocals, Karl Richardson on lead guitar, Tony Dainteth on bass and Ben Worrall on drums. You can find their debut EP on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play by searching ‘Factory Tomorrow Is Now’. You can also find them on the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Soundcloud.

Factory are possibly one of the greatest live bands I have seen in a very long time, they show such energy and appreciation for their fans and everything is perfect down to the very fine detail. If you ever get chance to see these guys then go and see them. During this interview I got round to asking a few questions, please read below.

How did you come to form Factory?

So long story short(ish)… Factory was formed by Tony, Ben and Karl. A few singers later and Karl found Jay at a nightclub in our hometown and it was obvious that he wanted to be in a band, so we gave him a go. We used to practice most days in an old abandoned hotel called The Weaver. It was a big old (haunted) building in the middle of two big factories round the back of Runcorn, it was out the way and gave us the freedom to jam whenever we want and do whatever we want so it was perfect really. After a few sessions with Jay we realised he was what we were after so signed him up.

What do you hope to achieve?

From the beginning the vision has always been the same… To be the biggest band in the world. There’s no point being a Fratellis or a Catfish And The Bottlemen and messing about with generic indie nonsense that will survive a few years then die off, we want to write proper music, big tunes that would stand the test of time and inspire people like our heroes inspired us. I suppose the difference with our music is that we aren’t trying to sound like anyone; we all have different influences from blues, funk, jazz and hip hop so when we turn up for a jam we just play and it feels good. I think there are too many bands trying to fit into a certain genre because it’s ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ sp they dress like 70’s throwbacks, grow ridiculous hair and pretend they are rockstars. We just want to play our music and make people dance.

When can fans expect a debut album?

Not too sure on an album just yet, recording is expensive and let’s be honest, most people these days don’t even know what an album is. EP’s seem to be the best bet at the moment, 4-5 of your best songs to show people what you’re about. we did our first EP last year called ‘Tomorrow Is Now’ which we released at our sold out launch gig in Liverpool. That EP was paid for by the fans, who we are forever in debt to for their loyalty, so they can expect a new EP sometime soon… But for now the world will have to wait for our debut album.

Who would you like to tour with throughout your career?

I reckon supporting The Chemical Brothers would be incredible, we saw them at Creamfields last year and they blew us away. As for bands, there aren’t any decent big new bands about at the minute so given the choice we would love to tour with bands like The Stone Roses, The Coral or Kasabian, Anyone with a decent following really…. Except the 1975 because there singer is an idiot.

Where do you guys see yourself in the next 5 years?

I imagine the next few years are going to be the hardest but nonetheless I would hope that we are at least able to support ourselves financially through music and focus solely on playing/writing/rehearsing. What we are really after is to be selling a tonne of records, touring the world, discovering new music and making a difference. Speaking of which, we are doing a gig as part of of Musicians Against Homlessness (MAH) movement in September. Originally set up by Alan McGee, MAH is raising cash for the homeless charity crisis, so we are just made up to be a part of something that is making real change in the country. If you want to get involved then drop us a message.

In advance thank you for checking out our music and supporting us, we really appreciate everyone’s support.

Web Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/factoryband/ 
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/factorybandruncornliverpool 
Twitter – https://twitter.com/factoryband_ 
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/factoryband_/


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