Asylum_Irwin – Wattpad Interview

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Jess, I’m 19 years old and as my 14 year old self would say – an unpublished fan-girl writer on the internet.

Who made your cover? 

That’s all me, I used to make little edits and things before I started writing (side note, don’t use photoshop for wattpad covers, use pixlr – it’s a free webpage).

What was the thing that made you want to write novels? 

I’ve literally been writing stories since I was a kid. I was the child at school that was told to write half a page and ended up writing 4 pages.

What’s your favourite genre/s to write? Are they the same genres as you read? 

I guess you could call it Teen Angst and I will read anything, my current read is Palo Alto Stories by the actor James Franco.

Are you the type who needs to know every last detail of the story before you write, or do you have a sort of partial plan and then link things together as you go along? 

I started with a rough plan for the first chapter, but now I just write whatever comes to mind. I like spacing the characters’ backstories out. I just find this more practical as you can write a certain trait about a character and then write a bit of backstory.

What about the rest of your writing process? 

My writing process is as follows; Write, not do anything for two weeks, panic, write four lines, procrastinate, listen to Backstreet Boys, then speed write 1000+ words in a day.


The saying is, a picture paints a thousand words. Do you ever get an image in your head of a particular moment or scene and then struggle to capture it? How do you overcome this? 

I write like I want it to be made into a film, so I try to describe everything as well as I can so the readers can imagine the places that characters are in, I don’t tend to struggle capturing it as I just make up a description of place up as I go along

What’s the piece of writing that you’re most proud of? (A whole story or specific scene.) 

I’m really proud of my current story Human as I feel like myself and people I’ve known have experienced things the character have in some ways. I tend to include parts of mine and my friends personality into my characters, there is one specific scene/description in this story that I’m proud of, but you’ll have to read it to see it!

Is there a genre you’d love to write, but don’t have the bravery to tackle?

Horror, Horror, Horror – my problem is I watch the cheesy, cliché horror films and shows so I wouldn’t really be adding anything new to the scene.




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