American Horror story – Season 5

Whilst we are on the cusp of finding out what the theme for season 6 of my ultimate favourite show is (it’s up there with Parks and Rec) – American Horror Story, let’s talk about season 5.

I still can’t get my act together about all the events that took place at the Hotel Cortez. I know it finished in January and that was the last time I watched the season fully, but I still can’t get it out of my head!

I’m struck by the feeling that it was good, but although it wasn’t up to the level that Asylum set (by far my favourite season), it was an enjoyable watch for me and the tiny little sadist inside me. We saw new additions to the cast – Lady Gaga, Cheyenne Jackson (Glee) Matt Bomer (White Collar, Glee, all round perfect beautiful man – that is just the opinion of myself but seriously, google his face.) and lots of creepy rather Arian looking children.

I mean, overall, I liked Hotel. The cast was amazing. Denis O’Hare as the beautiful trans Liz Taylor who is also my spirit animal and Queen Kathy Bates, the main babes, Finn and Evan also came back. One of my points is Finn Wittrock played such a crucial part of the last season (Freakshow), He ended up carrying the whole show on his rather preen Dandy Mott shoulders and then he gets two rather unimaginative roles that have nothing really special about them, whereas Evan Peters (X-Men) has probably one of the best roles of his career on the show, Mr March the deceased owner of the hotel based on infamous hotel builder/serial killer HH Holmes.

While there was no cohesive plot, or decent character development but full of things put in place for shock factor, although I did love all the gore, the amount of sex was unneeded.

I still think that season 2 – Asylum is my favourite (and a lot of others) there were lots of cohesive storylines, character development. I am hopeful for season 6 as the most common rumours seem to be Boarding School and Summer Camp – so we could have teacher Evan and Finn or short short wearing camp counsellor Evan and Finn.


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