As Sirens Fall – Interview

Five piece Yorkshire rockers, As Sirens Fall, really have hit the ground running.  No false starts just bloody good music well written and expertly performed, we have high hopes for these guys.  “Where you are” is their latest song to get some decent Youtube treatment and it merits a view on your part. It’s unsurprising to learn that they’ll be playing Download this year too, so they have to be bloody good!  We spoke to Mikey about the band, and this is what he had to say:

Love “Where You Are”, could you tell us a little about what inspired you to write that track? And given how superbly it’s been written, how much did you tinker with it before you were happy with it?

Thankyou so much! There’s so many songs out there that are just love songs, or songs about having your heart broken, but I realised there weren’t many songs about breaking someone else’s heart, and all the emotions that you’d experience through doing that. All the confusion and guilt and sadness of hurting someone else – someone that you care about. It’s written in an obviously fictional context that ‘love’ as we experience it is a lethal disease, and the only cure is to be loved back by whoever it is you’re in love with. The song is written from the point of view of the person that isn’t in love.

That song was written pretty quickly. The lyrics were something I’d been fiddling about with for a while, but the track itself was written over the course of a few hours one night at practise. It’s probably one of the quickest-written songs we’ve done!

Great video for it too which was Directed and edited by Adam Fitch of Incline Creative Media, how did you discover his talents, and did you leave the concepts in his capable hands or were you very hands on?

We discovered Adam from talking to friends of ours in other bands that had worked with him and recommended him highly. Working with Adam was awesome, he just comes up with ideas that no one else would see. We were very hands on with the concepts, but Adam’s influence and direction really shaped the video. He also drove up and down from London for every day of the shoot. We were shooting long days, as well. The guy’s a beast.

 You’re on tour, and Download on the 8th and 9th!  You’re obviously going to be pretty excited for that, but just what does the Download Festival mean for you guys?

Download means the absolute world to us. The guys have all been going to Download for years, seen some of our favourite bands there and to finally be one of the bands playing at Donington is an incredible feeling. I’ve not actually been yet, I tend to go to Leeds when it comes to festivals! Playing a festival like that though is an incredibly legitimising feeling. Up until this last year, we spent a long time being shot down by people, so to be asked to play somewhere like that is incredible.

Have any of you been to Download before as members of the audience, and if so, which bands stood out for you?

As I say, this year will be my first Download! I’m really excited about it. Adam and Robbie went last year and they still haven’t shut up about how awesome Kiss were. I’m insanely jealous.

Your debut EP “The Hospital Party” is nothing short of phenomenal, you must be incredibly excited for its release, but what were the biggest challenges in getting to this point with it?

That’s very kind! I think the biggest challenge was making the songs on the EP work together. Each song sounds very different to the last, and that’s always the band that we’ve been. We’ve never liked the idea of sticking to any single genre or getting pigeonholed, and we wanted this EP to scream that.

Download, a superb EP, the awesome “Where You Are”, you’ve worked incredibly hard, but did you ever think you’d be hitting this level of success since the formation of “As Sirens Fall” so quickly?

No way! We started the band nearly two years ago, and honestly it’s just built and built so quickly. The last six months especially have been so surreal, but we’re just keeping our heads down and cracking on. We’ve not stopped being busy since January, and that’s really cool. You always want to be busy. You don’t really have time to take stock of stuff like this, so we’re just keeping on working!

“From Across The Waves” was one hell of an introduction considering you did the video yourselves!  What did you learn from doing your own music video?

Probably that we sucked at making our own music videos! It was a wicked time, but we wound up turning up to a practise session dressed like shit, with three different cameras – two of which were phone cameras, and a little strobe light. It actually turned out half-decent for what we did. I still watch it sometimes!

Your progress so far has seemed faultless, but if you could go back to the start of the band, would there be anything you would change or tweak?

I honestly wouldn’t change anything. Well, I’d probably go back to the end of 2014 and tell myself to get a haircut. The fact is, we’ve spent basically two years playing show after show after show on the back of a single song. This EP is our first serious release. We’ve spent all that time building up a little family, and the support this band has means the absolute world to us. There’s people that are coming to shows, screaming lyrics back at me to songs that haven’t even been released yet. It’s awesome. We haven’t rushed anything. We’ve just taken it slow and made sure we’ve done everything as well as we can.

Finally, you’re probably going to get a lot more fans after Download, what have you got planned after this tour that they can look forward to?

Haha, I hope so! After the tour we’ve got a lot more shows to do, and then we’re going to sit down and start working on some more music. People won’t be waiting for new music from us for too long, that I can promise.

Interview by Jim

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