Better Enemies – Debut Album

Better Enemies

Hailing from Aberdeen, four piece pop rock group Better Enemies (Jamie Mackie, David Temple, Chris Sutherland and Rhys Jones) actually first formed in 2012 as the hugely successful “Suburban Sands”.  But a change in sound and a new record brought about the change in name.  Influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic, Better Enemies have been working hard on their self titled debut album, produced by Bruce Rintoul at 45 A-Side Studios in Glasgow.

Opening track “All Good Things in Time” promises to “set the world alight”, and it’s a bright upbeat opener which is sure grab people’s attention. “Get Me Out” follows with a slightly faster pace but maintaining an uplifting feeling despite Jamie Mackie professing that he really wants somebody to get him out of here!  Third track “Never Alone” initially may not seem so frenetic, but the melodic pop rock sound remains.  With fourth track “Double Vision” the delivery of the vocal lines is sure to draw audience participation on a grand scale whilst the masses bounce along in front of the stage, arms waving, hair flailing.  “Where do we go from here?” is a very good question, one that many have pondered, and the answer is to get this track on the radio because it’s bloody fantastic.

“Glory Daze” has a wonderful mature sound to it, reminiscing somewhat tinged with a bit of anger possibly regret.”I Swear I Swear” is something of an archetypal screw it sort of song galvanising listeners who’ve had enough to be defiant and ultimately overcome. The timing and placement of “Greater Things Will Come” after “I Swear I Swear” is far from accidental.

“Holiday” and “Back Home” complete the album. Up until the final track of “Back Home” I had one very small gripe and that was quite simply that although all the tracks are great sounding, none of them really stood head and shoulders above the others, until that is “Back Home”, which for me personally was a hell of a high point of a song to end on.

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