Pramface – Review


It’s been out since 2012 but for various reasons, including age and a lack of Netflix I never got to watch Pramface as it was released, so it was only tonight when looking for a light hearted movie to watch while scrolling through Netflix did I decide to watch what I thought, despite not being a movie, looked like a nice relaxed Rom-Com to see through the night, I wasn’t planning on sleeping anyway.

It starts with a bang, quite literally if you’ll excuse my slang, but that sets up the entirety of season 1. Our loveable Lead guy is an awkward and relatable 16 year old lad who upon losing his virginity to an out-of-his league, and class, 18 year old woman, in a cruel twist of fate, gets her knocked up. This begins a 9 (8 ½) month journey across 6 episodes of two families from vastly different backgrounds trying to cope with an unexpected pregnancy among other issues.

Its hilariously cringe worthy, along the way there will be moments you’ll want to cringe and laugh at the same time, and you will, if you’re into that kind of comedy, if not you might want to stop here and never look back, but I urge you not to, there’s a kind of charm to seeing the journey these two reluctant parents-to-be take, not just together, but individually as-well.

We don’t just see the personal journeys of our two lovable leads, but the journeys of those immediately around them, the (gran)parents each have their own arcs that are bot charming and funny to watch and the close friends of Laura and Jamie also have their own stories, no one is left un touched, and although it’s hard for me to judge, after all, I’m not a dad and nor have I been pregnant, it feels to me like the events and reactions are grounded in realism, albeit a hyper realism.

Sitting at just under 3hrs, Season 1 of Pramface is well worth the time and commitment to watch. Whether it’s to pass the time remaining till the next episode of Game of Thrones (as I did) or just to put a smile on your face, make sure you make time for this lil’ gem this summer, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch season 3.


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