One Last Run – Unbreakable

We first encountered Manchester 5 piece hard rock outfit, “One Last Run”, when we were bowled over by their video single “Unbreakable”.  On the basis of that we were very much looking forward to getting our hands on their album, and, IT’S HERE!!! Excited much?  Definitely 🙂

Opening events is the title track, “Unbreakable”, and it’s one hell of a way to kick off an album.  Becky Roberts delivers the defiant lyrics in style, and the band totally knock it out of the park.  It’s fast paced, fast paced, anthemic, you couldn’t really ask any more from them.  Following is “Casanova” with a terrific groove, but a bit more restrained than “Unbreakable”, but it isn’t long till Roberts ramps it up for the chorus hammer delivery.

“Creatures of the Night” drops some of the sound effects that you hear on the previous two tracks on the vocals, and it leaves you in no doubt to the talent of this singing power house.  The opening of “Creatures” also opens the floor for Dan Brown to go a bit nuts, and, great to hear.  Immediately once you’ve been battered by “Creatures” you’re given some space to breath for the intro to “Tell Me”, and it’s on this song that the band really soar as opposed to ripping along at a frenetic pace.

“Reckless” is the fifth track, and it’s a dirty beast of a song that hits damned hard, and even though Becky delivers some melodic choruses that’ll have the audiences singing along, the guitar work is sublime and loses none of its punch.  “All You Need To Know” again takes the foot off the pedal, stripping back the heavy guitars and leaving room for Roberts to weave her vocal magic, but jumping in for the build up and chorus.  It’s a nicely done track that may well end up being a secret favourite for many.

“Run and Hide” has a beautiful intro and it seems that somehow, the vocals are kicked up another gear, whereas the guitar work is far more soulful.  “Rise and Fall” is a bit more meandering in its slower delivery. “Addiction” continues with a far slower paced track, but it’s certainly more bombastic in its delivery than “Rise”.  Final track “Given Up” is something of a surprise to end on, but still pleasant.  Gone are the heavy guitars and drums, but replaced with some terrific backing vocals from the rest of the band.

“Unbreakable” is a superb album, and it’s surprising to learn that it’s their debut because this is a finely polished professional performance that oozes confidence.  It seems that the band are loving what they do, and that really comes across in their music.  A “must listen” stormer of an album.

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