Set For The Sky – Left Behind

We were sent through “Set For The Sky’s” new music video for “Left Behind” taken from the album “The Machine”.  The South African quartet are again something of a new discovery for me, and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure what to expect.  They were described as “Asking Alexandria” meets “Black Veil Brides”, coated with some “Set It Off” style hooks/ choruses, which on the face of it does sound pretty interesting.  There was also this little quote:

“We just want to make our parents proud and stick it to the teachers in school who said we’d get nowhere doing music.” – claims front man James Roberts.

Sticking it to the teachers, ok, but making their parents proud, I think that’s something a lot of people can really get behind.  The single itself started off with, well, the air raid sirens have been done quite a bit before, and the last song I heard using that sort of thing was Disturbed’s, “Indestructable”, so I was questioning if this band would have the chops to kind of live up to my expectation.

What they actually did is live up to it and then took a bit of side step.  The guitars and drums were as tight as you can get, great delivery, everything you’d hope for.  The vocals, I was expecting to go down the route of angry shouty shouty incomprehensible eating microphone guttural noises, but what I actually got was somebody actually singing where I could make out the lyrics, and better yet, frontman James Roberts has a cracking voice.  So do us all a favour, hit play on the Youtube video and give these guys a whirl.

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