Fassine – Dialectik

Fassine are set to release their debut album Dialectik on May 2nd through Default Collective Records and it’s really worthy of your attention.  Generally speaking I’m super choosy when it comes to dance / cinematic  / electronica.  I’m a huge fan of Future Sound of London, Massive Attack, Orbital and so on, but there’s a substantial amount of acts that seem really half cocked in their approach, almost lazy sounding.  With Fassine though, their work just oozes class, its purposeful when the band introduce some new instrument / sound and not just somebody faffing through hundreds of sound effects on a new synth plugin.

First track “Headlong” instantly had me hooked with its beauty.  The vocals are soft, breathy, and yet deceptive as they’re delivering some dark lyrics, “I’m in no doubt you despise me again”.  My favourite track on the album though has to be second track “Bring the Weight Down”.  Personally it’s this track that really marked Fassine as something very special.  It’s incredibly dark sounding and in the bands press release it states:

“As a body of work, Dialectik is, in the band’s own words “about isolation, those treacherous thoughts that wedge themselves in the door – a journey from logic to absurdity and back again.”

“Bring the Weight Down” really embodies this ethos. ”We Held a Gun” follows on as the third track, continuing with the themes but with a slightly lighter sound, again deceptive.

“Sunshine” is utterly magnificent too, challenging the listener with “Did you fight the message? Did you break your word?”  It’s mesmerising, and again the vocals are just beautiful.  “Englander” (or more correctly as it is on the album “eNGLANDER”) mind you really is cinematic and dystopian, begging to be picked up for a soundtrack for a major film.

It’s safe to say, I love Fassine’s Dialectik, it’s an absolute gem of an album.  I feel ever so slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t discovered this band sooner though, but better late than never!

Web Links:

Website – http://fassine.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/fassinemusic/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/fassinemusic
Twitter – https://twitter.com/FassineMusic

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