Daydream Frenzy – Interview

We reviewed Ocean Air a little while ago, and were super impressed by it.  To follow up we’ve been extremely fortunate in getting an interview with the band, and we’d like to thank them for their time.

Congratulations on the excellent “Ocean Air”, how does it feel to have the finished article out there for people to listen to?

Thanks a lot!

We are reallly excited to get it out in late May.  The response to our single ‘Shout’ has been really postive -it’s good vibes! We are really looking forward to showing people what the EP is all about.

Given “ Pride & Wonder” set a high standard, how much pressure did that add on to you for your next recording?

It did add a bit of pressure. The main thing we focussed on was the song structure and message. We wanted to craft 3 great songs and take our time over everything. We learnt a lot about being in a band and releasing music with Pride & Wonder. You have to plan things and set a good length of time to get everything prepared. We were in and out of the studio in Glasgow and pre recording these songs so to speak. Nick (producer) was sitting with us on a computer and putting every element of each track down. It was great to see each track slowly grow in to what they are now.

Who did you work with on recording “Ocean Air”?

We worked with Nick Scholey and Rob Mackie from Glasgow.  Nick did Pride & Wonder and we knew it was the best option for us. He’s brilliant at what he does.

You’ve been getting quite a bit of well deserved airplay courtesy of Pete Bailey and Alex Baker, how did it feel when you first heard “Shout” on air?

Thanks! Yeh, it was quite a proud moment! We were not sure how people would react as the song itself is a little slower paced to our usual stuff but to get radio play with those guys was very exciting.

The video for “ Shout” is great, who did you work with on that and how happy were you when you saw the completed piece?

For shout we worked with Stuart Breadner from Shootback Productions in Glasgow. We wanted a simple but slick performance video to let the song to the talking so to speak. We are really happy with it and working with Stuart was an absolute pleasure!

Which bands have had an influence on your music, and what is it about them that grabbed your attention?

Biffy Clyro will always be up there. They have inspired us and showed that with hard work after years and years of playing together you can get to where you want to be. We also love Twin Atlantic -they have a lot of guts and honesty in their music. We also love Angels & Airwaves and Jimmy Eat World. Big anthemic sounding bands!

What was the first bit of music that you bought?

My first album was Boney M- Greatist Hits!

I still love Daddy Cool.

What have you got planned for Daydream Frenzy next?

We are planning tour for later in the year and our EP release show will be in our hometown of Aberdeen on June 4th at Downstairs. We will also be supporting Stone Broken in Glasgow Hard Rock Cafe on June 17th!

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