Daydream Frenzy – Ocean Air EP Review

For fans of great Glasgow rock bands Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic and Prides, DAYDREAM FRENZY hope to be the next superior gem born in Scottish lowlands. New EP release ‘Ocean Air’ is released this May and will be the follow up of their 2015 album release ‘Pride & Wonder’.

“We wanted to make the best music collectively that we can, that has always been the first and foremost goal of this band,” explains front man and guitarist Donald Barclay, “We wanted to make something a bit different and not just your typical alt-rock. Lyrically it’s very honest and we feel this new release is definitely the most diverse music we have ever made.”

“Shout” is a lovely opening track with Donald Barclay’s vocals gentle but retaining an excellent delivery.  I’ve had countless demos from bands trying to have that more laidback approach but often is just sounds half assed.  Barclay’s vocals though are top notch.  The chorus is incredibly catchy and uplifting.  On the strength of this track alone it’s not at all surprising that Pete Bailey’s Team Rock Radio show has been giving it substantial airplay (with Alex Baker also airing the single on his Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show).

“On My Own” follows up, and again there’s a softness to the delivery, propelled along by some nifty drum work and guitars. For a three piece band it’s a pretty big sound.  “Good Morning” has a kick ass riff that reminded me a great deal of Hole’s epic “Celebrity Skin”, with Barclay’s delivery mixing in a slightly more gravelly sound, and it works brilliantly.

The fourth track is an acoustic version of “Shout”, and it brings a whole new dimension and tenderness to an already fantastic track.  Final track is “Pride & Wonder” (Fonik Remix) and it’s a fantastic way to end what is essentially a bloody awesome EP.

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